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Cleaning brass with Vinegar and Salt.

Pour vinegar over the surface. Sprinkle salt over the acid and rub in the mixture. Rinse with warm water and polish dry.

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Try it! Comments By: frances travers on 2009-02-18
I tried it and it does work.. the salt is especially good , but you need a polish to finish it off.
I did not realise my fender WAS actua;ly brass till I tried this !

It really really works! Comments By: Anne on 2009-10-02
So simple and best method ever. My miner's lamp was very tarnished and the normal cleaners would not budge the staining and get it clean and shiny. Poured on the vinegar and sprinkled with salt and it came up - almost - good as new. Finished it off with a wash in soapy water and when dry gave it a shine with metal polish. Fantastic! Looks wonderful
a household wonder! Comments By: Becs on 2010-09-20
Moved in to a house which had brass door fittings in it, which made the door look old because of the tarnish.I tried brass cleaning products in stores but did not give me satisfactory results, until I tried these two things I've always had at home. The results are brilliant! just finished it with a metal polisher and voila! instant restoration!
It works but don't be alarmed!! Comments By: Pat on 2010-11-28
Yes it really does work - however, I wish someone had warned me that when taken out of the salt and vinegar mix some parts of the brass could look pink and dull!! I was cleaning the propellors on my Husband's treasured Brass Spitfire model and he wasn't convinced it would work. I thought I would surprise him with the result and was horrified when I saw the pink. However, with some elbow grease and a good quality metal polish, the end result was magical.
Yep, this is what I have been looking for! Comments By: Kat on 2011-01-01
Needed to polish an old brass plate on the front door step of our villa. Nothing I tried even came close. I poured the vinegar over end then sprinkled the salt and let it sit for a momnet then with a glove on I rubbed it a lot! I still needed to use a lot of elbow grease but finnished off with a polish with braso and it looks amazing! Thanks for the tip!

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