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Cola for Mice. Cola will kill mice

Submitted by NicoleJvon

Cola can be used as a safe way to kill mice. Pour some in a small container, the mice will drink the cola. Because they can not burp or vomit they will become bloated and die.

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Remove This Comments By: Chris on 2004-12-18
Killing mice?

Why would someone want to do that.

If I uploaded a tip telling everyone how to kill people, I dont think it would be uploaded.

Thanks Comments By: Marie on 2005-01-09
Chris, you feel that way til you have mice...in your silverware drawer. I am giving this one a try.
Not nice mice Comments By: Sarah (age30) on 2005-01-19
I keep hamsters they is cute.
Mice are naughty and eat my toys in the loft. They will not go away so daddy says we will have to kill them. We will not use a gun as they are too small and fast so we will use Cola instead. Mummy says if this doesn't work we will kill them with mouse traps.

Cola?! Comments By: Sabine on 2005-02-18
I will try the cola, since they destroyed 20 kilo's of my mother's basmati rice, I hope they'll bloat!
Our cat passed away Comments By: Den on 2005-01-29
2 weeks ago our cat died and ever since then Chris its as if the mice are having a party in all our rooms! So, I am willing to give this way a try before I buy chemicals or another cat!
I'll try anything once Comments By: Mighty are our mice on 2005-06-14
I have mice in my car (miata) and can't get rid of them. We have tried poison, traps and glue baits. They avoid the glue, eat the peanut butter off the traps, and have even ate the poison. Need Help or will have to sell the car.
Killing - not a good idea!! Comments By: Janet on 2005-07-30
We tried killing our mice visitors and were rewarded with the most vile smell for about a month afterwards as they'd died under the floorboards!!! Better to use a humane trap and let them go well away from where you live!! This does work!
Unfound dead mice smell bad Comments By: celia on 2006-02-05
Cola may work but you better find the dead mice! I started getting visitors exactly 2 weeks after my cat died. I tried this dried bobcat & fox urine product that worked gteat! Best advice - keep them away, don't entice them with foodstuffs (put food in containers or fridge) and remove all possible nesting materials.
nothing wrong here... Comments By: MadAdam on 2006-12-17
it's not wrong to kill a pesty little mouse. He/She is eating my leather chairs.
This Works but Can Be expensive Comments By: Anon on 2007-03-14
I've killed a couple of mice this way and have even tried to it in a scientific environment. (caught a mouse, caged it and gave it cola.) It works but the problem is that they seem to love the stuff before it kills them. I find myslef spending all my pounds on cola.
Dryer sheets in the car Comments By: Katt on 2007-06-14
My brother put bounce sheets under the dash and seats of my car and I haven't had a mouse in there since. Worked great in the car but not the house.
i love mice as pets - but it's different in your home Comments By: samantha on 2008-04-14
i live in a rural area and am surrounded by fields and have had moce in my house for about 3 weeks (that i know of), have tried the humane traps (catch and release) and all they seem to be doing is gnawing their way through the top to geo to the food inside - have since seen a rat in the garden and i am afraid of the diseases that i and my dogs could catch from these creatures. if someone has a proven humane suggestion of how to rid my house of mice, that actually works please let me know.
- MOUSE DILEMMA- Comments By: Amaani on 2008-06-30
I have a cat, she's quite a good mouse catcher, but however the mice have been breeding. The somehow managed to get into my bedroom having no way out. They've been running round everywhere trying to dig up holes.

The problem is on going & I am actually thinking of using the coke method to give it a try. Hopefully it will solve my problem.

I agree Comments By: ~*Michelle*~ on 2008-08-13
I will have to give this a try I agree with the person that said they didn't have mice problems when they had a cat and now mice are coming everywhere sounds about like me I had a cat didn't have problems with rats and when I gave him away they came back!
killing mice Comments By: tony on 2008-11-15
use a old fish tank fill it with water about 4 inces deep then put peanut butter just above water line they will fall in and drown them selfs
M.F.A. Comments By: Josh on 2008-11-29
try living next to a mfa with grain bens and you would no longer have a problem with killing mice. mice are very common problem in my small town. I hope this works. Thanx
I hate mice Comments By: Lisa on 2009-01-01
I no longer care how they die-they have nearly destroyed my heritage home. People who think they are "cute" have never had to clean cupboards three times a day, sterilize the house etc, and be disgusted by destroyed items, poop, etc. I wish I could kill them all. I use traps, bait, etc
HELP Comments By: jay on 2009-01-06
i have 2 cats and they toy with mice everynight they bring one in and toy with it thing is our home is pretty new and iv never seen mice around will they be bredding somewhere close ???
Cola For Mice? Comments By: kashan on 2009-02-13
Are we Talking about Regular coke put it in the container and they will Drink? and Die? Never Heard of It Odd
Will give it a try Comments By: Tony on 2009-02-15
I have mouse and shrew problem. I am tired of my cats just playing with them and not killing them, I have to do the killing my self. I will try this and see. thank you
I HOPE IT WORKS Comments By: P. on 2009-03-04
Most annoying things EVER Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-07
all mice should DIE. there just annoying and ruin everything. SOMEONE tell me how to kill them ALL. lol
I HATE'EM!!!!!!! Comments By: Angelic_Angels on 2009-04-26
I hate those little suckers. They wait til you have company over then they come crawling out from behind things making that funny sound so just in case the visitors can't see them they will hear them. Acting like the paying rent and half on all the bills.I don't care how someone who has never had mice feel or how much they like them as pets. I hate'em ,I don't like'em and I want them dead. Futhermore those of you that seems to like them that well or want'em as pets how about giving me your mailing address and I will mail you as many as I catch. LOL. I hate them seriouly with a passion.
Mice are gross and dangerous Comments By: onlyMickeyMouse on 2009-11-19
Seriously, who wants mouse droppings in your cupboards, on your clothes, food eaten, and most of all my friend had house fire..Mice chewed through an electrical wire. This mouse that I haven't caught has left droppings in my closet,my kitchen cabinets, chewed through potato chip bag, bag or cornmeal, cereal box, and scratches on something in the middle of the night. But I don't want to see bloated, vomited to death mouse either.
I DISPISE THOSE SUCKERS!!!!! Comments By: BEE on 2009-05-16
Killing mice is NOT bad Comments By: Fireblazer on 2009-05-19
I must say, the first time I felt bad, until I realized what a hassle mice are. They bite through wires, clothing, walls, leave TONS of feces all over the place, chew up books... I started with mouse traps, not effective enough, now I use glue traps so I can kill the buggers myself with a mallet or a dagger, a beautiful stainless steel dagger. Whoever says killing mice is wrong...you're wrong...smash their brains in, stab em in the head, whatever, just kill them...It's really the only sure way to rid your house of them. I'm all for the environment and animals and such, but when mice invade MY HOME...and RUIN my home and cost me MONEY...I get a bit angry...and with glue traps you can hear the mice cry and know they're stuck so you can bash their head in or decapitate them, impale them, whatever you find does the trick.
NUISANCES Comments By: Del on 2009-05-20
Ive killed 18 in 3 weeks. Still they keep coming. Tried glue traps, caught one or two, but then had to chap them on head with hammer. Wooden traps didnt work they got the food and didnt spring them. But the plastic traps worked great with a bit of chocolate.Ive had to get pest control out though, twice now. They gave me boxes of poison but they have twice eaten all the poison and still keep coming. They leave droppings, Ive found dead ones in cupboards, pots and pans etc. Really gets you depressed.Seen one run across my living room half an hour ago which made me come online and search for another solution. Gonna leave some cola out 2nite!!
Cola is worth a try! Comments By: Michelle on 2009-06-06
I called my husband home from work, because I finally saw the mouse I have heard for a couple of weeks. Every night I will hear it trying to open paper behind the refridgeraton. NASTY! Tried both traps and I just see more droppings. Cola is worth a try!
oi why wud u do that! Comments By: may on 2009-06-17
1.it wastes your money

2.its crule

3.what is your bloody problem!i lvoe my mice there fun to look after and are very caring to


mice Comments By: apz on 2009-06-24
mice are disgusting littile monsters. they just poo everywhere in our house, so the other day i finally had enough.so i put some slug pellets on the floor at night, and it did do the trick cuz i know i cant see any mouse droppings anywhere. great ey
Aaaarrrgggghhhhh!!!! More Mice!!! Comments By: antisocial superhero on 2009-07-08
Does anyone know of a more inhumane way of killing these evil little b******s? My home has been infested with these evil creatures for 2 weeks now. they scratch at doors all night, think that my wooden floor can do with a coating of mouse poo, and have become so brave that they now step up to me!!! Since reading this thread, I have seen 2. one of them even climbed on my sofa infront of my eyes!! i got my revenge with a can of deoderant and a lighter :D but i'm looking for a safer way to destroy them without burning my house down. does anyone know how i can kill these things, as even the poison from pest control doesnt seem to be working. will try the coke thing to start with.
mice suck Comments By: Tom on 2009-07-20
i hate mice so much!!! i can hear them at night and currently i think i have managed to trap one underneath my bookcase. and there it will starve!! hahaha!!! the poisen seems to do little, they just eat it up! ill try this cola. and i hope their exploding stomachs hurt! they deserve it to say the least! perhaps i shall be able to capture some and cage them together for a canibalism tournament :)
Worth a go!!!!!! Comments By: Looby on 2009-08-08
Well, I'm certainly gonna give this one a bash. I got rid of them once thanks to my trusty accomplice.... (my moggy) But since we had the kitchen ripped out and refurbished the buggers are back!!! Not a happy bunny, I'd be all for the glue traps but am a little squeamish so will go 4 the coke route, slug pellets seems a goo'un too!! (trusty accomplice has proved v.ineffecyive 2nd time round, brings them in, plays with them and then gets bored, leaving me to deal with it!!)
Worth a go!!!!!! Comments By: Looby on 2009-08-08
Anything's worth a go, they should be nuked!!!!!!
Sweet Pickles!! Comments By: I hate mice on 2009-08-28
If you don't want to worry about spilling the Cola or having to restock because it goes flat... use Sweet Pickles! The little baby ones work the best. Just sit a few out and when you notice them gone,m put out more until you not longer see or hear the mice! This works and was suggested by a little old German Lady... was handed down remedy for generations.
omg i have mice Comments By: lisa on 2009-11-08
i just saw a mouse run past my fire it must die or else the house is goin up 4 sale i hate mice will try everything
Disgusting Comments By: Mary-Ann on 2009-11-29
Why would anyone think mice are cute?They're disgusting! They poo everywhere, eat everything they see and even bring diseases! They should ALL DIE!!
why kill a mouse ???? Comments By: the mouseinator on 2009-12-01
because they crap on your food dopey!!!
kill them all let god sort them out Comments By: c.egge on 2009-12-13
My children are never going to own anything that ever resembles a mouse/rat. I would like the identities of those who think they are CUTE/LOVABLE so that I can rest assured that I never eat anything from their kitchen. Anyone remember the plague? They may not be carriers but they are the taxi service!!!
killing mice Comments By: dessa on 2009-12-16
this is a little gross but helped with my science project
i owned mice as a child... Comments By: kat on 2009-12-24
as pets they are fine, but when they crawl inside your walls and wake you up at all hours of the night, is when its time to kill! i have a cat, but she just brings me the injured ones! i need them gone, NOW!!!
mice!!!? Comments By: casey on 2009-12-26
well it hink mice as pets(i.e in a cage) fine but when they are in the house and eating everthing thats another story. I set a snap trap and had to empty it twice in 10 mins now they go around inside the walls to get from one side of the house to the other. If anybody wants them you can come and pick then up
I Need FIELD MOUSE DOA......PLEASE NEED immediate Kill!! Car is SUFFERING!!! Comments By: paula on 2009-12-29
I have bold and courageous PESTY Field MOUSE/MICE who are living in my CAR??THEY are not at all frightened off...by my 3 dogs... I believe they found their way into the garage into the car and decided it is the safest place??,,HOWEVER<they are chewing up anything and everything...I am concerned about using the Cola or instant potatoes if they wander off and die some other part of the car??I NEED IMMEDIATE DOA !!...
Imagine the death Comments By: Megzilla on 2010-01-10
I know not all people love mice, and that they cause massive damage to furniture and the house in general, but imagine being in their situation. You've presented them with an opportunity to thrive, and then you poison them and let them die a slow and painfully. I�m a moue breeder and I have had to watch too many of my mice die slowly of diseases and unknown things, and one of my boys I hand raised has a respiratory disease, it�s like watching a family member suffer from pneumonia. I know some of you will scoff at this post, but just be aware of the pain and suffering they go through. Try to discourage them before you go out and buy pesticides and poison them. Even if you go out and buy a humane trap that catches them alive (don�t touch the trap with your hands, they will be able to smell you, you can also put used pet mouse bedding in it so they are tempted to go near it if food doesn�t work) and you can just drive out far away from your house and release them. If you release them just outside of your house or just down the road then... Well, they will come back. Only resort to pesticides when you have to, I�ve seen what an infestation can do to a house haha.
I�m not saying don�t kill mice, by all means, but just be aware of what goes on.

Have you ever wonderred Comments By: Valuer of Life on 2010-01-28
have you ever wondered why mice do all these things lol. it cos YOU aren't meant to be there, they are, you destroyed there homes and there food sources so they will destroy yours. its only fair. and please email me and tell me why this isn't fair
Cola sounds cruel but I'd try anything Comments By: Anjul on 2010-02-01
The cola idea sounds pretty cruel - bloating to death - but then again killing them is killing them no matter how you do it. SNAP, poison, crunch, smash, bloat....these horrid little house wreckers need to go. I'll give the cola a try - not looking forward to searching for dead mice though. I wonder can't we like overdose them with something - like euthanasia? It would be more humane - anyone know of a medication that would do the trick? Maybe a crushed up Tylenol in the coke or something that would OD them quick?
How to discourage Mice before trying? Comments By: Energy Saving Expert UK on 2010-02-03
So what's the best way to discourage the mice before trying to kill them?
We never leave food out, will seal all our edibles in plastic sealed containers, is there anything else you can do first?
Tempted by the Cat idea- but i know it won't be able to chase them through the walls and between floors unlike a poison or over indulgence death by coke/pepsi what ever your brand is.

i am sick of mice Comments By: becky on 2010-03-10
i have find out i have mices i when away for christmas and new year and i come back with mice i hate them i have kill 7 of the little pests and i have just got one this morning i have tryed traps and peanut butter which works why do we get them i clean my house every day for goodness sake
Bloody mice Comments By: Rick on 2010-03-14
Will give the Cola a try. I have tried the humane thing, it never worked.

We have started using rat poison, but with the exception of one dead one this hasn't worked.

I won't use the glue traps... that is too gruesome for me, but will try the Cola.

I don't like killing them, but they are driving me to destruction.

coke/instant potato... Comments By: bridget on 2010-03-16
how long do you bait this stuff for? i have 2 toddlers and a 12 year old and feel so guilty when taking them places knowing that we have mice in the car , they have been there since CHRISTMAS its now the end of March and i am fed up of them.
am willing to try anything bar glue traps [wayyy too yucky for me] but humane traps didn't work, for two days they managed to get in and out without setting the trap off, we did catch it once and it chewed its way OUT so what bloody use is that?

bad way to die Comments By: Eric on 2010-04-03
when the mouse has its internal organs under so much pressure it is probably a bad way to die. I suggest regular mouse traps. It is cheap and probably the quickest way for them to die and allows you to dispose of them afterwards so they don't decompose in between the walls or wherever they are. I feel guilty to kill them but if i didn't then they could chew the wires in the walls and start an electrical fire, and if they start breeding they will be a real problem after 2 or 3 generations.
watch ou t Comments By: antonia on 2010-04-07
i know tht mice are extreamaly destructive i have loads and we just had to hav poison put but i was lied to by the pest control people they told me that mouse pioson will not harm dogs but when i mentiond this to the vet after the pest control being here he told me that is the worst thing i can do he told me the pioson makes them thirdty and if you have dogs they will not leave the house to die they will drink from the dog bowls and die nar were thier water supply is if you dog finds and eats a dead mouse killed by pioson then you might want to say bye an spend as much time with your dog because it is fatal and by the time the vets realise it to late to do treatment and thats the same with all animals even humans this stuff its extreamaly toxic and can kill everythin and anything my nextdoor lost 3 of her dogs in 1 week do to them finding and eaing mouse corpse i love mice and think they are cute yes the do make alot of mess but its not there fault we make alot of mess and so do ohter animals and you cant say they dont plus they were here long before us wha do you all expect wouldn't you if you were a mouse invade another home that has taken away your habbitact and by the way mice do not carry fatal diseases its rats that do the mice may carry the germs that cause a cold or cough but nothing fatal you all belieave what ohter people tell you and they make out that mice are so bad also you can tell when rats are invading because the mice will move out and i think you would all prefere mice than rats in the house wouldent you plus these mice are dying in wall underfloor boards yes they do still rot and yes they do still stink pioson does not stop this happerning and did you know the smell of rotting mice will attract the rats so be careful with what you decide to do
My house is invaded Comments By: Ally on 2010-04-17
I discovered that i have mice in my flat in August(8 months now).I've tried glue traps(killed 4),humane trap(killed 2) I am feeding them poison(around 1/2 killow now) but they seem to enjoy everything.they wouldnt fucking die.I bought special poison which is supposed to kill them in 24 hours but they dont touch it and i bought an electrical box but again they don't go inside it....I dont know what to do anymore.I get terrified thinking how many mice i might have.I don't see them in the flat....i could hear them 2 months ago chewing my bed frame;)) but not anymore.In the flat i cant se any holes but i think they come from the attic.Except for coke what else might work???I was thinking of Red Bull....has anyone tried??
YOU JUST HAVE NO IDEA Comments By: Danielle on 2010-04-26
as i read all these comments and see that people are complaining about killing mice,well guesse what we will see how much your opinion changes when they start biting babies because they bit my 1 yr old daughter last night they are nesting IN my furniture and in my walls its freakin ridiculas sooooo im sayin KILL them every last one of them hope the cola works!!
traps Comments By: SP on 2010-04-30
The most humane way is a battery operated electric mouse or rat trap, it kills them instantly . Far better than poison which makes them suffer and humane traps that usually involve glue and them trying to bite their feet off to escape.
most excellent Comments By: lori on 2010-05-06
i think this sounds like an excellent way, but the only drawback to this is that they can die in the walls.
Cola for mice Comments By: Rhonda on 2010-06-25
Does it have to be straight cola mix or will a can of pop work? Have mice in my garage!! EEK!
field mice errrrrr Comments By: lindsey on 2010-08-12
iv brought one of those electric pest repellants that you plug in the wall, do they work, iv spotted 2 field mice in 4 weeks 1 on each occasion do i have anymore in my house or have they gone or has the pest repellant worked, iv lived her 4 yrs and only now im getting them please help. x
Wow. Just Wow. Are you guys serious?! Comments By: Cyrs on 2010-09-08
This is a great tip, I might just try it, if I get desperate enough to not care about the stench of dead mice in my walls. But I really can't believe some of these comments. Cute?! Worried about killing them?! CATCH AND RELEASE?!! WTH!! First of all, cartoon mice & Mickey Mouse are cute; vermin that reap destruction on your house, sanity and general safety are not.
Mice have plagued me for a while. They're constantly urinating and pooping on things. I have found some in my couch( which they've torn up) and on my chairs in the living room. I even have to pull my bed well away from the wall, because if I don't, they run all over it. They disrupt my sleep with their noise at night, which is greatly annoying since I'm a light sleeper. And just recently a few of them have been blitzing my house (like they're having some sort of party). My kitchen counter is littered with mice poop right now (disgusting), which they never use to do or even go on it. Its the same for my computer table as well. I've even found them on my bed recently, which is still a feet away from the wall. All this happening in a house that is constantly clean. The garbage is taken out everyday, the bedrooms are always clean, kitchen always mopped with no food left out.

These disease carrying vermin need to be killed off, they are just pests. And you people who're stupidly catching and releasing them, are just helping the problem spread and get worse. You release them and they breed up, and go aggravate some other poor unsuspecting individual.
Which should you be more worried about, a disease spreading rodent or your fellow man?!

killing mice Comments By: anon on 2010-09-12
use bleach,ammonia, or moth balls they kinda work depeding on how many u have and wat kind of mouse u haveso try it
Killing Mice is Nice! Comments By: SlimJenkins on 2010-09-13
In response to the individual who disapproved of posting information on killing mice, saying, "Killing Mice? Why would someone want to do that. If I uploaded a tip telling everyone how to kill people, I don't think it would be uploaded." Well if you were to be so stupid as to post such a thing as that then it ought to be uploaded and hopefully track you down and turned in to the Law. Point is rats do not compare to humans. They are rodents and we are made in God's image. Intelligent beings-supposedly -intelligent enough to know what, and when it is okay to kill. So I say; Go on everyone and kill the nasty little pest!
So petty! I love to have ur all's problem! Comments By: JawsCo on 2010-10-14
ouu, a mouce in the car, or wall, or cabinet; I wish I had that problem! I hiked up to check the water level in my 3000 gal tank, and saw 3 >Completly de-composed mouse remains in the last 1/2 foot of water!
THATS RIGHT! I and my dog have been drinking DEAD MOUSE water for who knows how long!
MoTHer TrucKER Rodents! Dam them!

mice get off glue traps as they eat what's on it Comments By: nikki on 2010-10-19
hi i find that using the glue traps mice gat off. i put some down and when to work when i got back i could tell the mice was on it because i could see hair. so i put down more traps with peanut butter on it and the mice won't go near it i have to smell kids im so afraid that one will get in the beed with them i wonder if mice bite.im trying peppermint oil they seem not to like that smell.
Pissed but some of the rants made laugh until I cried Comments By: DeJeLe from the Burg on 2010-10-31
Embarassed by the little bastards and they are cute but they must die. I have used oil of peppermint. It is extremely effective but needs to be replenished regularly. POSTSCRIPT: Kitchen where I have seen them so far smelled really fresh and clean...nice switch from that flowery smell. But y'all are funny as Hell!
OMG Please Help!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2010-11-08
I have many and I mean many and they have just made a mess. I cant stand it anymore. I have a small baby and I worry so much about her health. Whats the scoop on the instant potatoes and how would that make them die? Do they travel through the ductwork?
Revenge! Comments By: Mike on 2010-12-12
So I found out I had mice/mouse a couple weeks ago, when I found one in my bathroom. I've bought glue traps and poison and they didn't really work and 3 days ago the the worst happened. I have lovebirds and 1 night I found a mouse in my bird's cage and what else did I find? My poor bird dead!!! It had apparently been bitten to death by the mouse and died. Finally, today I got the little bastard in a glue trap, he is still there and I'm just debating how I'm going to kill the bastard. Maybe I will cut off its head? Maybe I will take it outside and pour some carosine on it and set it ablaze or perhaps beat its skull in the old fashioned way. I also am in possession of some bottle rockets and firecrackers left over from 4th of July, maybe I'll have fun with that. Whatever gives me the most enjoyment and satisfaction, it killed my loving bird and must die!! Revenge is mine!!!
Has it ever occured to you? Comments By: Loves Rodents on 2010-12-18
That you might come back as a mouse?
RE: dead bird Comments By: kate on 2010-12-29
Did it occur to you that your bird may have attacked the poor little dying mouse as he was seeking refuge in the birds cage and was poisened, and that is why your precious bird died?

If you have pets do not put out rat poisen, that is just common sense!!!

I want dead mice not ones that explode. Comments By: Chrissy, 33 - Milwaukee, WI on 2011-01-17
So this winter these b@st@rds have invaded our home. I am absolutly petrified of mice... I have realized they are nesting in the nice fluffy couch we have. I am pretty sure they're lurking other places too. I can't sleep unless its in the basement in a finished rec. room with my 2 cats guarding the door. Well, in my mind they are. There is no sign of ANY mice in the basement but on the main floor of the house they are livin' large apparently. I am using the covered D-con traps so I don't need to really see them when I catch the bastards. I don't think I even want the couch knowing the disgusting vermin were living in there. Glad it's time to file taxes so we can get a new couch with the return... and a new garage door since they ate through it. Thats how they got in.... always stayed in the garage but not this winter. I hate them. To the weirdos who like them and have them as pets... go rescue a real animail from a shelter that really needs to be cared for. They are INTRUDERS in my home and they WILL be killed... just like if some guy broke in... I'd have to kill him too.
SAD SAD PEOPLE!!!!! Comments By: Suzan on 2011-03-18
I am not religious but I try to get them back to where they belong! In the outside world. No wonder the world is so full of violence - i.e. USA Please stop being SO aggressive - without them many cures/vaccines would not have been found. I am not from the USA but would welcome any contrutive comments on how to get my uninvited friends to LEAVE!!!
RE; Sad, Sad People Comments By: cc on 2011-03-29
Call us sad after you have had your home covered with mice crap and one of your children bitten! Then come talk to us!!! They are filthy and carry disease. I am responsible for providing my children with a safe home and if that means killing these nasty things and keeping disease from my kids then so be it! You come stay with me and my kids for one night and you will think differently!
Hmmm. Comments By: Kimmy on 2011-06-02
People are so dence now a days they think that rodent are problems. Maybe if u would clean your house every now and agian the small littel "vermon" wouldnt wonder in. So the only tip that you truely deserve is... Clean your house :)

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