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Diaper rash. Tip for dealing with diaper rashes

Submitted by laura

When your child has a bad diaper rash. draw up a warm bath for baby and put cornstarch in the tub water and let the baby sit in the cornstarch water for 15 minutes and dry the baby off with a soft towel and put a thick layer of a&d ointment on baby's bottom.

By the morning there should be a huge difference repeat for 2 days if neccessary. If reaction happens please see a doctor or if rash worsens please see a doctor.

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this worked for me Comments By: Mama Bo on 2004-12-01
Dr Smith's diaper rash cream...you usually have to ask the pharmacists behind the counter for this product,,,it is so good, people steal it.
It works!

Excellent your a saviour Comments By: Naomi on 2008-06-11
I'm a first time mum and stressed when my 6 month old got nappy rash the creams weren't working and it got really bad i gave this a try and the next morning it was almost all healed so i repeated the step and it was healed thanks heaps

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