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Curly hair. Just wet it and twirl

Submitted by kate

I have straight hair and I've always envied curly hair. But it seems as though the grass is always greener on the other side. My sisters have curly hair- they just wet it and twirl their curls. You get loose neat curls and i think that looks really nice on curly hair..

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dont forget Comments By: cat xXx on 2004-10-29
to have less frizzy but still naturally gorge locks just add john frieda curls lovers moose its a god send and really works
same here... Comments By: abbey on 2008-08-18
My hair is really striaght and won't curl unless i use a lot of product. But when i do my hair gets really greasy and gross. When i use an curling iron and hairspray it goes striaght in about 30 minutes or less. Do you have an tips for me?

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