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Fall decorating Tips for the Home

Homes across the land are bright and vibrant during the summer but it seems as if during the fall months that the house seems dark, dreary and just all around yuckier. I want to help you plan out your next fall season by adding more to your home, colors, decorations and ideas that will boost your mood during those long winter months as well. You donít have to use all of these ideas, but just pick a few that strike you as awakening!

Use colors on your walls. If your walls are white, add more color to your life, which will help to warm your soul over the winter months. Shades of red are going to keep your mind moving and thinking instead of staring out the window to the white of the snow. Red gives you energy or at very least, helps you feel more energetic. 

Use the colors of the sun, and all the shades of the sun that you would have everyday to brighten your walls. If you are not brave enough to brighten your walls with the shades of yellow or citrus colors of the sun, try just adding a border to a dark room that uses these colors. The bright colors make you feel more alive even during the coldest nights of winter. 

If you really canít make up your mind about painting the walls or if this seems to be too much work, you can just change the colors of the curtains that hang in these rooms. Sometimes the very smallest of changes are going to make your entire outlook on life so much different! What you need to do is envision a color that will brighten your day, absorb the sunshine or give off the feeling and colors of sunshine in your home during the winter.¬†

Changing your curtains or drapes from the whites and beiges of summer to pinks, clay colors, oranges or even shades of yellow, you will have more color in your life. The more color you have in your life the more alive you will feel, even during those cold winter months. 

Another idea that will warm your heart and mind during the coldest of the winter months is the colors of your area rugs. While you canít just change the carpeting in your home, you can change the runners, the area rugs and the rugs that are in your kitchen. You use area rugs to protect your floors and to keep your carpets cleaner, so why not change around your rugs and area rugs during the fall months.¬†

No matter what color or type of area rugs you have down during the summer months, change to the totally opposite colors and shades of colors during the winter. The change in colors helps to give you more feeling of life. 

If at all possible, change the coverings on your couches, the beds, the chairs or the ends tables. What I mean by this is just the throw blankets, the covers that protect your couches or sofas, the doilies that are on the end tables and change your bedspread if possible. The change to different more vibrant colors in the fall months are going to keep your mind off of the cold and keep Ďcabin feverí away.¬†

Change the tablecloth on the dining room table! Brighten your life, your dining experience and your winter blahs just by changing the tablecloth on your table. Use yellow one week, orange the next Ė any color that makes you and your family feel so much better about your life indoors!

Put a new shower curtain up in your bathrooms. Changing the colors of your bathroom is easy, and you can change them back in the spring if you want a different look. 

Changing the colors in your home will change your mood and your feelings about winter. Fall decorating is a time when you can change the interior look of your home to make it more welcoming for the winter. During the summer months the sun shines in the windows and the house smells fresh Ė take this with you all year around!

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