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Salt kills the bugs that cause toothache

Submitted by Mervyn

If you suspect you have an infection, wash out your mouth with a glass of warm, or tepid, salted water every couple of hours or so until the inflammation and pain dies down - but don't use this effective remedy to put off that visit to the dentist.

Visitors comments

dontwork Comments By: terry on 2007-04-15
I tried it it doesnt work if anyone has any suggestions please email me [email protected]
It doesnt kill pain! Comments By: Rebecca on 2009-01-20
Although this may kill bacteria,it just doesnt kill the pain!
salt does work Comments By: darren on 2009-10-16
if you have a hole in your tooth,and the root is exposed,put a small heap of salt on the end of your finger,and then put it into the hole,leave it there for at least 5 minutes,dont swallow it,then wash out with warm water,and the pain will be gone
cheers Comments By: Alex on 2010-01-05
The comment just above mine about a pinch of salt in the hole for 5 mins worked ok, it still hurts a bit but im not rolling around my bed in pain anymore lol

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