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Decorating the Child�s Room on a Budget

Does your child�s room need a little help in the decorating scheme? If you are on a budget you can still decorate and detail your child�s bedroom to make it a welcoming space that they will love to spend their time, relax, sleep and even play in! You can detail your child�s room using their favorite toys, pictures, colors and more � so let us look a little closer at how you can set your child�s room up for their total enjoyment. 

Shelving is important when you want to make a room a bit more organized. Just one or two shelves with a metal bracket from your local home center can cost a few dollars, and they will really be �put to use� in finishing out the room. Animals, books, trinkets, and special dolls or trucks can be kept on shelving in the bedroom. 

Keep a garbage can, a small one that your child can decorate with stickers, markers or their favorite cut outs from magazines so your child can keep their room cleaned. The garbage can might be a doorstop or placed at their desk but it does become an important part of the functioning bedroom. Cutting out pictures from a magazine and allowing your child to glue them on the garbage can is a great rainy day project, and it will allow them to decorate a part of their own room. 

Stuffed animals can be used in various ways when decorating the child�s room. Stuffed animals can be lined up on the shelf in the room, in a net in a corner (which is usually very inexpensive) or they can be lined up on the bed, or even along a wall that is empty. Use the stuffed animals to create the child like existence that your child is going to love. They will continue getting stuffed animals until they reach their older years, and this collection will hold many memories for them. 

Class pictures that are taken every year can be arranged on the wall. Your child most likely �has to have� these every year so you might as well use them when you are decorating their room. You can�t do much with them as they get older so allowing your child to use them in decorating their walls will seem really �cool� to them, besides you �had� to buy them all ready so you might as well get the most for your money from them. 

Magazine pictures of animals, flowers, cars, trucks, or what ever their favorite things are can be cut out and put on the wall. You can pin these up, paste them on or tape them on the wall � all to create a wall of favorites or good things that make your child feel good about their room or being in their room. You can make this a child�s project that is done over a few months or a few years, or you can grab a bunch of magazines and have it done all in just a few days. 

Artwork that your child completes or makes in school can be taped, pinned, or placed in their own room. This is a great way to keep it out of the rest of your house, but they also get to display it. Don�t worry about what the holes in the walls or what the tape is going to do to the paint, you can always re do this as your child grows but allowing them to be kids now is going to be important in their learning to enjoy their room and their space. 

Paint your child�s room using their favorite colors! You can even have your children help if you have the time. They can make their handprints on the walls instead of using border, they can use a paint brush and paint their name in huge letters or you can allow them to help you paint with various colors at the same time to give their room a very unique look. Allowing your child to help in painting their room or in the detailing of their room makes their bedroom a little more theirs. 

Don�t let yourself think that your child is going to have their room clean all the time all this leads to is frustration. But one thing you can do to detail your child�s room and to give them the ability to �hide� some of their stuff, is to put a bench, box, or a chest in their room so everything can be put in their when it should be cleaned up. Sometimes shelving, dressers and such will not be used as it should be but at least your child can use this chest to put things away and have their room look a little cleaned up at the same time.

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It is hard when you have children Comments By: George on 2004-09-26
Thank you for this great advice. Children do not understand what it mean to be short of money.

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