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Dandilion wart cure for hands

Submitted by brenda

When a dandilion is in bloom, pluck off the flower a short distance from the bloom. dab the white fluid unto the wart and let it dry. may need repeated for larger warts.

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Very interesting Comments By: George on 2004-09-20
I am definatly going to try this next time the dandilions are out.
Testing dandilions! Comments By: Sarah on 2008-04-18
Will try on my young daughter. 1 has been treated by the doctor for 3 months with no results. She now has a fifty pence size cluster and the ball of her foot and is very painfull. Have been recommended DUCT TAPE today by GP but will try the natual method first. Thank you
My story Comments By: Stephen George on 2009-03-26
I have used Dandilion sap on my foot warts and it worked. But be careful.

This is for information only.
do not do this.

My story.
As a child I noticed a wart on my foot. not knowing any better I left it till it grew to about the size of my closed fist.

My mother saw it one day and in a shocked state took me to the doctors.
I am afraid the brown stuff they gave me had no effect. So I found a very sharp knife (scaple not kitchin knife) and cut the top off evey night.
The moment I drew blood I stopped only to start again the next day.
Eventually it went away.

At the age of 30 I got another one. However this wart was very aggresive and would not die even with me cutting it every day. I tried everything. Solder iron, dirt. file. But nothing worked.
Even the freezeing off nitrogen thing from the chemist did not work effectively enough. I used two bottles in all and gave up.

However the dandy lion sap did work.

So if I have the cure Why am I on this website?

Because at the age of 38 I have caught one on my hand and having a big black dot (the dandylion sap turns black) is not acceptable in the office.

So I am trying garlic.


Please be carefull with this information and don't hurt yourself.

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