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Lamisil for Toe Nail Fungus

My doctor says that Toe Nail Fungus does not hurt our system, only makes our toes look gross. But he does say it's not worth putting your system at risk with Lamisil. He said just paint the toes nail. In other words he would not risk my health with a RX that he did not believe was worth taking a chance on for pretty toes. I'm trying Hydrogen Peroxide since it inhibits infections.

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Toe Nail Fungus Comments By: Anonymous on 2004-10-02
I have heard that Vicks Vapor Rub will rid nails of fungus if rubbed on and under the nails daily.
Lamisil has been proven a miracle for me... Comments By: Fungus free on 2004-11-01
...and no harm done except to the fungus. The fungus loses the fight! If you are at risk for liver problems, the doc will simply recommend that a blood liver test be done (no pain and simply) and then you're free to take Lamisil for 3 months just like you would take a vitamin once a day! Easy peasy. My toes are pretty again and no stench and no constant nail polish to have to hide it. Case stated.
Lose weight with Lamisil Comments By: Edmund on 2006-07-04
I came here following up leads to see exactly how rare it is to have major taste disturbance as a side effect of Lamisil. Not that uncommon it seems, at 3% of users as far as I can tell. everything tasts foul. I have lost 3/4 of a stone out of 14 1/2 stone in a week. Be careful. I have another "several weeks" of it to go before - no guarentees - I can eat properly again.
Clearzal Comments By: L.Yardley on 2007-04-01
Clearzal did not work for me,although I used it for 6 months solid, and I found it impossible to get any answers from the company.
Lamisilon top Comments By: Justin on 2008-04-07
Putting Lamisil on top of the toenail has worked for me.
Taste Disturbance Comments By: Martha on 2008-04-10
I took Lamisil via pill form. 6 weeks into the program I started noticing a difference in how food tasted. Within two days my saliva constantly tasted like sea salt, anything I put in my mouth tasted bitter. I was reduced to eating two things for the following 7 weeks: rice and/or cornmeal mush. I lost a lot of weight. I would try to eat other foods but I would gag within 5 seconds of the food being in my mouth. I was constantly obsessing about getting enough nutrition to keep me alive. As soon as the taste disturbance began I quit taking the pills. It took almost 2 months for the effect to wear off. A toe nail was not worth it. Because I quit using lamisil in the middle of my treatment, the toenail fungus was not cleared up. I would never take this drug again.
terbinafine (lamisil) Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-19
After six weeks of taking Lamisil oral, I started having diarrhea. I stopped the medicine immediately-the diarrhea has continued, however, for the past 16 days. For me, this side effect is much more bothersome than the toe fungus.
Lamisil Comments By: Margie Welch on 2008-11-15
If I had known of the bad taste, I would not have taken it. I had head aches, a bladder infection, slight itching, some depression. I felt like I was starving for something that tasted good.
Five fingernails and 3 toes Comments By: 'Anon' on 2008-12-16
I have just 8 more pills to take before I complete my 6 wks course. I have suffered from fingernail fungus for 38 years on my fingernails, it's taken me this long to buck up courage and use the drug. So far I have been very lucky, no side effects, but I am alcohol and caffeine free for 4 years. There is no sign of clear nail growth yet, but my hands are not black at the cuticles any more. Can't wait to be lamisil free though. Finish on Christmas day, what a present!!!!
Toe nail fungus Comments By: Male55 on 2008-12-23
none of those home remedies work
No chemistry Comments By: Jimmyboy on 2009-05-09
I personally avoid chemical products. There are a lot of good alternative treatments against foot problems. For example tee oil, creams etc. But cedarsoles (eg: zederna.com, furwa etc.) guarantee probably the best remedy against athlete's foot, foot odor and sweaty feet.
Lamisil generic Terbinafine salt taste in mouth Comments By: Sheila on 2009-07-09
Three weeks in to taking oral Terbinafine has me SICK! I told my Doctor, he took me off the drug and did a liver enzyme test. I have serious Nausa, stomach pain, vision disturbance but the most troubling is the constant salty taste in my mouth. I am having nightmares. I can not eat food I am weak and exhausted. If you have ever swallowed a gulp of very salty sea water and felt the vomit come up in your throat as a result, you have an idea how I feel constantly. I am very hungery for food and the only thing I can eat is a small dish of cream of wheat made with skim milk. The first bite of anything I try turns awful in my mouth like I am being fed vomit which causes my throat to close and turns my stomach. Any bakd good bread etc. is the worst offender. Things smell good but taste evil. I am rapidly loosing weight. I was already at a very good normal weight with a BMI of 24 I am athletic, a walker and into exercise and have always been a healthy eater. I take daily 200 MCG of Levnothyroxin for Hypothyroidism. I am becomming depressed wondering how long this awful problem will last. I want to enjoy eating healthly food again, but now my favorite veggies are disgusting. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG IF YOU VALUE YOUR HEALTH!
Salty taste after Lamisil generic Comments By: Jackie on 2009-08-20
I took the generic form of Lamisil, terbinafine, for a month for a skin fungal infection. After 3 weeks I had a bitter taste constantly, now all I can taste is salt. 2 weeks after finishing the dose, I still have the salty taste, have lost 10lbs and the skin fungus is coming back. 10 years ago I had a toenail fungus, I used Penlac only, yes it's tedious but it worked with no side effects and the toenail fungus did not return.
terbinafine is nauseating Comments By: anon on 2009-11-25
Have been on this drug only 3 days and feel very off colour.
A particular bad taste in my mouth, same as smell associated with removing the pill from packaging. I would think twice before using this drug.
Surely there must be something else to cure this ongoing toenail problem, all started with a pedicure, a very expensive one!

It worked but wow - side effects. Comments By: Nancy in Michigan on 2009-12-03
I took it for 78 days... I quit 12 pills to the end, but it was enough. Clear nails are growing in after 2 years of 2 toenails too ugly and thick to describe here. I thought I was one of the lucky ones without side effects, but near pill 60 I found myself depressed, lathargic, crying spells, and worst of all weight gain (as a woman this is HELL). I was eating LESS and less ... no taste near the end. I've been off it 2 weeks now and the weight - real or imagined is coming off in sheets...it's wonderful. I have my energy back... what a shame this drug is so tough on a person. I thought like you, what's a little depression or a few pounds? It was so much more than that... I'm glad I took it, I'm glad I'm off it.
it does work! Comments By: nicholas on 2010-02-22
i am a 37 year old male and i had that nasty toenail fungus and got on the lamisil-sure it had side effects,it's just a matter of choice if you want to deal with the side effects or continue having nasty toenails-it's your choice!
Gone and back again Comments By: Desaree on 2010-05-12
I have taken Lamisil three times. It leaves for about three mounths only to return. I don't think its wise to keep taking if is not totally removing my toe problem. Not sure what i will do next.
Bitter Taste in my Mouth all the time~ Comments By: pegasuslegend on 2010-05-28
I concur with everyone here, the taste is aweful. I am hoping it goes away have been more worried that its going to be permenent!~ The Toe nail is 95% better, I take the drug every other day instead of every day, and still drink alchohol with dinner.
Terbinafene for 1 week every 3 months for 1 year Comments By: Fungible joe on 2010-06-09
I just started terbinafene today, and got a bit of diarrhea. Anyway, my plan is to follow this regimen: Arch Dermatol. 2004;140:691-695. Their conclusion was: Conclusion: Terbinafine is an effective treatment for DSO when pulse-dosed for 7 days every 3 months but not every
4 months. So this regimen at least should minimize side effects.

Pulse dose lamisil regimen Comments By: fungible joe on 2010-06-11
Just to clarify the 2004 article. The authors made a point that you have to keep taking lamisil for a full year to completely clear the nail bed. But all you need is 1 week of treatment every 3 months. That's only 28 pills for the whole year. Which BTW you can get from Walgreen's by joining their generic drug club for only 9 dollars. So 9 dollars for the year, only take pills for a total of 4 weeks out of the year. And the authors claim a good success rate. What's not to like?
Save Your Money and Your Health Comments By: Dwain on 2010-06-17
I tried all of the home remedies to cure my nail fungus and nothing worked. There is a product called Fungiban (Fungiban dot com) that cured my nail fungus in about 3 months. I does have terbinafine cream but also other stuff to make it work better.
Lamisil causes diarrhea...big time Comments By: fungus going away on 2010-08-22
After 12 years of toe fungus on 9 of my toes, it had gotten very bad. My manicurist said that if I didn't take action, I would completely lose my toenails within 2-3 years. I took her advise, and went to the doctor, who put me on a generic version of Lamisil, which is a 12 week program. Starting in the 5th week, I developed diarrhea, which became very bad in the sixth week. My doctor told me to remove dairy products from my diet and to eat a container of Activia each day while I take the lamisil, as the Activia will put back the healthy bacteria in the gut that are killed by the lamisil. I have about 5 more weeks of pills. I've also been soaking my toes twice a day in a weak solution of bleach with water. I can't wait to finish the lamisil, but I must say - it works! After trying to get rid of the fungus for a long time to no avail, the lamisil is killing the fungus. I am seeing healthy nails growing in. It's very exciting.
Zederna Cedarsoles - easy and effective Comments By: Jason on 2010-09-10
My GP recommanded www.zederna.co.uk and it helped my recovery from toe nail fungus quite quickly. In my case the reason behind are sweaty feet. This problem now belongs to the past. I wear the Cedarsoles every day and thus all the surplus humidity is magnificently absorbed.
lamisil cream Comments By: ts on 2010-09-24
maybe try the cream first for a few months and see how that works, before taking the pills. the cream is pretty cheap and i just push it under my nails with a q-tip, it really seems to be working. my case of toenail fungus is probably pretty mild. only the 30% of my big toe - toenails are really affected. but the lamisil cream has definitely helped. ive tried numerous other remedies, this seem s like the only one that will actually get rid of the problem, not just keep it at bay.
Work in progress. Comments By: Juan on 2010-10-30
It may be too premature for me to give an opinion. I've been taking Lamisil orally for the past 3 weeks. No side effects yet. Toenails are looking better. I researched the drug before even showing my toenails to my doctor. He explained to me about the side effects and what to do to prevent them. The most important one that I had to change in my daily life was water. You have to drink as much water as you possibly can throughout the day. No its or buts.
Fourth and last time Comments By: Jason on 2011-01-08
I have had varying degrees of toenail fungus over the past year and have tried lamisil 3 times on a 3 month regimen. Each time, the reocurrence occurs on fewer number of toes. My doctor has now prescribed me one last dose, but wants me to take it for one week, then a few month off, then again, so that the drug stays in my system for a longer period of time (as the new nails grow back). I'm going to try this, and this will be my last try. I'm worried about the long term liver damage
OIL OF OREGANO'S ABILITY TO DESTROY FUNGUS.... Comments By: Emperica Lazuli on 2011-05-10
IS UNMATCHED!!!! This is a potent oil with DEEP penetrating power quickly through surface of nail to root of the nail bed. NUTIVA COCONUT OIL is AWESOME for fungus too! Also know Coconut Oil is the safest to cook, fry with! ORGANIC Coconut oil (when consumed) also removes internal yeast, fungus buildup INSIDE your body too that some don't even know they have, etc. Another to consider is Lavender (Essential Oil) for nail fungus. Keep in mind that ANY ESSENTIAL OIL..with the exception of SOME Tea Tree Oils, YOU MUST DILUTE! You can dilute with a natural "Carrier Oil" i.e Olive Oil or something like that. For those of you using Bleach, I strongly urge you to stop IMMEDIATELY! Those highly toxic chemicals in Bleach constantly entering your bloodstream WILL EVENTUALLY buildup, causing a "Chemical Burden" in your body that will can lead to a very scary illness later and the Doctor's will love to see you coming (more $ for them) Please be patient! This fungus will come to pass..I promise! And remember no matter what anyone ever writes here ALWAYS ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN REASEARCH with your own health in mind! Best Wishes to ALL!
Swollen Big Toes Comments By: joe on 2011-06-11
I took Lamisil for 3 months. The new nails are coming in. HOwever my big toes are so swollen. I am in so much pain. The new nail is pushing out the fungus. It is also coming out wider. I did not expect to have this pain. I am soking my feet in hot salt water, Putting on peroxide and antibiotic cream.
Diarrhea Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-17
I was on the knowck off Lamisil for 2 months. The first month I was ok only my mouth tasted a bit irony. I then got horrible diarrhea for 5 1/2 weeks. My doctor didn't even tell me to go off of it! After research I stopped the meds. Most of the fungus has cleared up but 5 1/2 months of diarrhea and chicken and rice is NOT worth it. If this happens to you take a 10 billion probiotic pill twice a day to help your stomach recover.
Not lamisil... Comments By: Elda Anderson on 2011-07-14
Hi There, I took Lamisil for toenail fungus years ago. At that time, I really wasn't aware of the risks since it was prescribed to me by my doctor. Anyway, I had toenail fungus and it's really embarrassing so I took the pills. If I'm not mistaken, I took them for about a month or so, but I noticed that there were side effects. I felt really weird for the entire time I took them. I usually had nausea and I felt lightheadedness and shortness of breath. I dropped Lamisil after that and used Zerofungus cream to treat my nail fungus. I don't know if you're familiar with it, but it is a topical treatment for nail fungus. You might want to give it a try.
Lamicil Cream Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-03
According to what I've read, I beleive I have a mild case. I am using terbinafine cream (lamicil) around nail bed and under the nail where it has seperatated at least 2-3 times a day. A 1/4 of the big toe is affected. I have the penlac polish rx and apply that every morning several hours after the Lamicil cream has been absorbed. I scrub/file the nail 1x a week (as rx recommended) and then place a small dab of urea cream (help absorbing) then wait till that dries and use the polish, I do this everyday. Once a week your suppose to remove the polish (rubbing alcohol), With polish removed I then soak in a mix of vinegar & peroxide (hour with cotten ball wrapped on toe, (helps whiten, as well as soften nail, and aids in correcting ph enviroment to discourage fungus). So far it's been 3 weeks and I've seen great improvement. I have been told NOT to use oral lamicil. My pediotrist receptionist used it once and refusses to go back on it... Seems like a drug that has lots of consequences.
Long lasting side effects Comments By: Moon Willow :) on 2011-08-05
At the end of May this year i was prescribed Terbinafine for a fungal infection on my left big toe which i have had for a number of years. I took the tablets for a total of 5 days, then, after speaking to my doctor I stopped taking them as I suffered from some horrible side effects including headaches, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, vision disruptions including hallucinations, sleep disruptions, tiredness and lack of energy and strength. 2 and 1/2 months later and i am still having side effects... the GP told me that these can continue for approx 4 months after stopping taking the tablets. These 2 months have been hellish. The constant nausea is depressing, and smells can turn my stomach... it feels like the day after the night before but with no alcohol included! I also ended up doing 2 home pregnancy tests!! The headaches and dizziness have caused me to pass out on several occasions resulting in injuries... I ended up in hospital for 5 days and went through a load of tests for epilepsy. Sometimes I have difficulty in moving as i feel so weak and exhausted even though i can sometimes sleep for approx 10 - 12 hours on some days and then struggle with insomnia for days. I wish I had never touched this medication, but at least i finally know what the cause of how i am feeling is and that, hopefully, it will stop in the next month or so. I would never of thought that side effects would continue for so long after the medication was stopped.... until then i have little choice but to put up with the side effects, shame it will probable be after the summer holidays... exhaustion + very active 9 year old boy + very energetic dog = a very guilty feeling me who sometimes feels like the worst mother in the world when my son is again late for school as i have slept through the alarm, or struggled to get up, or hasn't got the energy to DO things (we used to go walkabouts up to Derwent dams, along canals and rivers and who has been promising him a 7 mile walk along the Manchester ship canal... and the worst dog owner in the world who hasn't got the strength or energy to take her for a good walk/run that she needs on a daily basis. Yes some people are fine on this drug.... just be aware of the length of time that it takes, after stopping the medication, for the side effects to go if you do get them. At least you will know why you feel how you do rather then be treated as a hypochondriac or diagnosed as having mental health problems!

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