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Smooth hair can be simple

Submitted by Joseph

Struggling with your dull lifeless locks? 

Well its probably because you've straightened it to many times, literally burning the hair leaving it with no cuticle. The one thing you need for smooth hair is cold water, it does actually close the cuticle and rinses better than warm. Also a shampoo with natural ingredients, they may be expensive but some can be pretty cheap. If you can't afford the expensive kind go for Suave children's shampoo gentle and smells great. 

Also, I think conditioner just added a layer of silicone to my hair so I don't recommend it. Especially with short hair which easily get oily and messy to fast. Also be as reluctant to your hair as possible, brush it only once! And never put aerosol gels or mousses that dry the hair out. I hope this helped!

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I would recommend buying a silicone-free conditioner Comments By: Xzigalia on 2009-03-12
Just avoid anything with -one in the ingredients.

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