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The brain kills pain of toothache

Submitted by Mervyn

One way of dealing with pain is to try a relaxation exercise. Sit/lie somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and consciously relax all the major muscles in your body. (Many people work up from the feet, shins, thighs, etc.) When done, consider the pain and remind yourself it's just a state of mind. Thank your body for informing you of the problem and gently "push away" the pain. Unless you're experienced in this technique (which may be used for any pain) it *will not* get rid of the pain but it will help you to manage it until you get some medical attention. It disconnects the pain so that you are aware of it without it being so intimately a part of your consciousness.

A tense body intensifies any pain. Just relaxing will help anyway, but combine it with a visualization which gently dismisses the pain and the results are much better. (I've used this method to help with renal colic - which makes a toothache look like a small itch - and it's a great help.) Keep in mind that the "pain" is your brain's interpretation of nerves being stimulated elsewhere in your body. It isn't "real". Stay calm and relaxed until you get the required medical attention.

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brain : pain tip insightful Comments By: chuu on 2005-08-06
terrific direction to go for pain releif; it tells of the root of the trouble; and I double on the reminder that Pain IS a message and we must act on the message, even while (or after) diminishing the pain. I am exploring more and more the psychological treatment and prevention of pain; it has only benfits and no ill effects/ side effects. Thanks you, you encourage and remind.
great Comments By: Paul Bedford on 2007-02-18
I have had toothache with a dying nerve for over 6 months now, Ive tried everything from extreme painkillers to numbing gel, nothing works like this does. its sometimes hard to relax when your in a loud enviroment, even with the telly on i have to leave the room, just sit down, and do something you enjoy that can atke your mind of it, as long as your ottally relaxed the pain will slowly dissapear.
absurd ,rubbish Comments By: jim on 2007-12-11
well sorry to say that i tried this procedure and i MUST SAY it was very painful ,i got the pain from my tooth but it went to my little finger then ,and from there ,everywhere ,thats bad .
kind of useful Comments By: Sherry on 2008-01-12
by listening to some relaxing music did cure my pain Just don't put all your attention on your toothache. Find sth thing interesting and relaxing to do.It works some time
Weird but workable Comments By: Dan T on 2008-02-03
Ever since I was a kid I've imagined the 'good' cells attacking the pain cells.
It's basically making your mind think of anything so you don't just think about it as pain. It's always worked for me.

COMPUTER WITH PAIN Comments By: YINKA OGBOLA on 2008-08-16
most time the tooth pain comes..i conqure it by logging on to my yahoo messanger and started chatting with my friends...

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