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If you want straight hair, grow you hair out

Submitted by Ness

If you want straight hair, grow you hair out! Straight hair is less likely to curl up. Some things to do to grow your hair quicker are, Don't wear hats, and shake your head at least two times a day to get blood flowing, which will get the hair growing faster.

Visitors comments

great great great Comments By: Alyssa on 2004-11-20
this tip is awesome! i am growing my hair out now and I am already noticing that it is starting to become straighter by the day!
great Comments By: anon on 2004-11-24
youre right long hair has more weight in it so its obviously less likely to curl
yes Comments By: sarahe on 2005-01-27
obviously ur hair is BLONDE ....shaking your head....great tip u donut!!!
good idea... Comments By: carina on 2005-12-19
long hair is normalli straighter because ur hair is weighed dwn !! but the shaking of the head is stupid !! lol...to make ur hair grow quicker massage ur scalp...this makes the blood flow and speeds up hair growth :D
nope Comments By: moi on 2006-02-28
it doesnt necessarily work like that. my hair was straight when short, and as ive grown it out, it has become curly!
silly Comments By: davina on 2006-08-17
how will growin ur hair out make it staright??? wot about people with naturally curley hair? just cos its longer dsnt mean its staright
dont get a bob Comments By: bob bobby on 2009-03-16
do not get a bob you will cry ! if you have a bob i feel verry sorry for you ! it takes so much longer
strait hair Comments By: honey on 2011-04-02
my hair not toooo curly..but have to grow strait hair...,.i do daily shampoo,and conditionr,,,and i have a white hair also pllllls help me out,

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