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Beater Licker. Clean your beater

Submitted by Paul Pruitt

If you have a small extra spatula and are tired of awkwardly cleaning your power mixer blades after amking a cake or cookies and you don't have kids to lick them for you, you can alter the spatula to "lick" the beater elements for you.

How? Cut a thin long perpendicular and a half moon knotch into your spatula with scissor. The half moon knotch will clean the center post, and the rectangulat knotch can be sued to clean the blades.

You can see photos of the spatulas altered this way and in action here: http://www.socrtwo.info/images/beatlick1.jpg http://www.socrtwo.info/images/beatlick2.jpg http://www.socrtwo.info/images/beatlick3.jpg

Note, you will have to be a little careful with the use of the item, as the cutting into the spatula will weaken the rubber.

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