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Cold Sore Clear Immediate

Submitted by hoosier7400

I was panicked to feel that first tingle, but I thought it would go away so I came to this website and attempted each remedy. I really had no results so I started trying different things. The thing that helped most was diluted fingernail polish remover and water. 

This is day one and I applied an hour ago. I just left it on and waited by the mirror panicking. It burned at first but, immediately noticed color returning to my lip. The swelling remains but the sores are gone. Now I just have a fat lip. Anyone know any remedies for a fat lip?

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confused Comments By: natty on 2004-11-17
how long are u supposed to keep it on for? its not really burning but i think i can see it going away a little, not sure
nice Comments By: Xue on 2006-02-04
me likey a lot! the fingernail polish works like a charm, especialy if you hold it there, although it does burn a little.
A life changer Comments By: Rachel on 2006-05-20
i tried this method but used neat remover not diluted.Within an hor my huge blister had almost disapeard.I normally have a coldsore for 2 weeks and this is only the second day and it already feels like it's gone! Thank you-i'll never leave home without it.
works! Comments By: Anon on 2006-10-16
so i started to get a cold sore yesterday, and was preetty stressed out about it! i tried nail polish remover because it was the closest thing to me, and the redness is pretty much gone! i just kept reapplying it whenever the slight burn went away, until i felt it looked good enough. the blister pretty much looks deminished, and the redness is gone. it's a bit swollen, but hey i'll take that over a cold sore anyday!

i hope it looks this good, or better, by morning!

I agree Comments By: Judy on 2006-11-17
I get cold sores every two three years and I recently started using the fingernail polish. the key is to use it as soon as you feel the tingle. I alternate with ice, polish and abreva. The sore is usually gone within two- three days.
WoW! Comments By: Anonymous on 2007-05-27
Yea This is AMAZING! I just got 2 sores today because for the past few days i have had a fever....I was just searching the site for remedies and this is the best! I have the polish remover on a cottonball pressed on my lip right now! Thanks everyone!
This is REALLY GREAT!!! Comments By: Tina on 2007-07-15
I noticed last night that I was getting a fever blister and I hadn't had one in a very long time it was hurting so BAD!! so I decided to look for a home remedy or something to try to get it to go away, when I found this, I must say I just got done putting the fingernail polish remover on it and it is barely noticable now and is just a little sore not n e thing like it was....although it stung I give it 5 STARS Thanks!!!!
yay Comments By: Kati on 2007-10-09
I went to bed with one, woke up a few hours later only to find another one starting to come out, so I got out of bed to come see if there's better ways to get rid. I had no idea there would actually be a "cure", the second one is completley gone I must have caught it in time, the first one is going down and neither are itchy anymore! I used to have these a lot when I was younger and they are embarrasing, wish I had known this back then too! Thanks a lot !

P.S- it doesn't sting that much in the long run :P

dont buy expensive creams, use nail varnish remover Comments By: Moody Lady on 2007-11-13
I can't believe how much money i have wasted at the chemist... have just tried the nail varnish remover and cant believe the difference.I wish had found this site before going to chemist. Only applied twice,all swelling gone and not half as sore. Stung a little but worth it for the end result. Thanks for this tip I will deffinitely pass it on to others and also save my money in future.
It's helping already Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-06
I am desperate. This is the 4th fever blister I've had in two months. This one is the worst I think I've ever had - one was a huge fluid-filled blister on the outside and another on forming closer to the inside of my lip. I tried the Peroxide first on my blister. When that didn't burn, I tried the nail polish remover. It didn't burn either, but it immediately drained the blister so at least I don't look as horrible as I did. I will keep doing this. I am so sad and upset. I pray this works.

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