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Dr Ruggles Skin Restorer for Dry, cracked skin

I live in Chicago where winters can be brutal! I often get very bad dry and cracked skin. I have used Dr Ruggles Skin Restorer which is an unscented concentrated cream that works fantastic. It's not greasy and made my hands feel better right away. I bought it from their website www.drruggles.com. This stuff is great!

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TipKing Says Comments By: TipKing on 2004-09-24
I do not normally place tips on the site that mention specific products but it would be interesting to hear what anyone has to say about this product.
Dr. Ruggles works! Comments By: Midwest, USA on 2010-11-01
I have used prescriptions, over the counter and home remedies. Nothing worked until I found Dr. Ruggles at E and S in Shipshewana, IN. My skin is finally healed. It took 5 days. It's messy but it works.

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