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Tried and true home made acne healer

Submitted by joy

This helped clear my face and my best friends face 1month before her wedding (she had terrible acne). I take 1 table spoon of sage and 1 table spoon of comfrey and boil it in 2 cups of water till it becomes a tea, let cool down then add this mixture too witch hazel can be store bought witch hazel . Use on face when ever needed (my friend used it 3x a day and this worked wonderfully her face was so clear for her wedding 

I use this everyday for my face. Also, its okay if the herbs get in the mixture I just let them sit in the bottle with the mixture and it doesn't bother me I think it makes it stronger.

Visitors comments

?? Comments By: Sharon on 2005-06-10
Wat's comfrey?

TipKing says Comfrey is a herb, that grows in many counrties in the wild

where? Comments By: Katie on 2005-06-26
where can i buy comfrey and sage?

TipKing says: Any health food shop/supplier

How Much Comments By: Lou on 2006-02-17
How much witchhazel should you use for the mixture??

Tipking says: The tip does not make it clear I am afraid. You could try half and half, so that would be 2 cups of witch hazel.

STUFF FROM GROCERY STORE? Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-28
So, for the safe and comfrey, I assume the writer simply means to use the ground stuff, product I could purchase at the grocery store? Or is there a stronger type someone knows of?

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