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Bath and Beauty without High Prices

If you just love pampering yourself, and taking long hot baths, you are just going to love this article. In this article, I want to tell you all about how to make your life so much better, trying new and exciting products in your bath that are going to relax, and excite you at the same time. 

For any recipe in this article, feel free to add more ingredients to make scents stronger, to mix various types of ingredients to make a totally new scent, and don�t forget to make some for another person you know who might need to relax as well!

Raspberry bath
A raspberry bath is a very sweet smelling bath that will relax your mind as you soak in a hot tub. If you like, you can also boil a bit of this solution for a great smell that will enhance your entire house without having to cost a lot at the same time. I know someone who will use her bath solutions in a potpourri container over a tea candle just because she loves the smells of the bath oils over what scents are available in candles. You can be the judge for yourself.

Raspberry bath scents are achieved by using six ounces of your favorite unscented soap, (shampoo or hand soap as you like), add a teaspoon of water to lighten the soap a little, and then add ten drops of raspberry oil. This is a very strong solution that will leave your bathroom, your tub and you smelling just wonderful and sweet! Add a few squirts to your hot water and you are ready for a great relaxing time. 

Let�s make a little of your own soap � oatmeal soap that is!
One thing that is for certain, making your own soap can be an exciting and wonderful time, as you learn to use natural ingredients to make all types scents and shapes of soap, even the colors of your soap can be changed, to meet your personal needs. We will discuss soaps briefly here, but you can find many more articles through TipKing about making soap and homemade soaps that you will just love. 

Be sure when you are making soap, working with hot and extreme temperatures that you are careful not to burn yourself or put anyone else in danger. It is a little different from baking or cooking on the stove, and the smells are great, but the temperatures are very high. After making and working with new soap you will have to leave it sit for about a month to cure nicely and in the shape you would like. 

You might want to open a window and wear gloves when you are working with and making soap so you are not splashed or burnt. There are all types of scents, oils and types of soap you can make, but let�s go back to the oatmeal. 

What you need is, ten to twelve ounces of palm oil, four to six ounces of coconut oil, three ounces of olive oil, half a cup of oatmeal put in the processor, two ounces of lye, a cup of water, and any type of additional scent that makes you feel great when you smell it. 

To make oatmeal soap you are going to mix the lye and water, and then set it aside. You will next need to melt your palm and coconut oil together and then set it aside as well. In yet another bowl you want to mix your olive oil and your oatmeal. Going back and heating your lye to 100 degrees, you want to heat your oils in a separate bowl at the same time. As it is all melted and stirred well, you can mix it together and pour into a container for your molds if you like. You will need to let your soap sit in the molds for at least twenty four hours, but forty eight hours is even better. 

Some people like to put their soaps in large containers, and then use them slowly in bigger bars. The bigger bars that you like to make and use, the more ingredients you will need. The more ingredients you need, the more you purchase at one time, the less expensive your overall price is in making each bar of soap. For smaller bars, smaller molds, and smaller batches, the more expensive your soap is going to be to make.

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