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Beauty Tips for You!

Women everywhere need a little pampering, daily, weekly and sometimes just monthly to make their lives feel a little brighter, to make their bodies feel better and look better. To help you keep up on the latest in beauty tips and ideas, I put together this article to give you more insight into how you can feel good about pampering yourself without spending a lot of money! So here we go: 

Give yourself a facial! Giving yourself, a facial can be relaxing, can improve your skin, and can make your mood lift as well. In this, we are going to talk about your eyes. Sometimes a facial can be more than just the skin on your face, but also your eyes. Bright and clear eyes make your entire complexion better and you will feel great as well. 

Slice a cucumber that has been in the fridge. Put the slices over your face, and then over your closed eyes. Sit like this for about ten minutes. Throw the cucumbers away, and rinse your face with warm water with no soap. You will be relaxing and cooling your eyes at the same time, leaving you feeling refreshed. 

Slicing up an apple you will have the same effects as the cucumber on your skin and your eyes. 

To give yourself a great feeling all over your face, if you have dry skin, take a cup of mayonnaise and mix in a cut of beer, any type of beer. It will be difficult to make this mixture at first, but after mixing, you will put this mixture over your skin. 

Let the mixture sit on your skin for ten to fifteen minutes while you soak in the tub. Then rinse your face with warm water and feel the refreshing feeling of your soft skin!

If you have a bit of fruits in your fridge, you can make a pampering facial that will smell great at the same time. What you are going to do is use your strawberries, bananas, and pears, put them in the blender or in the mixer, and blend away. 

This is a facial that you will put on in a very thick fashion, and then let it sit for at least ten minutes. The natural vitamins and nutrients will help treat your skin. Wash with warm water. Avoid using soap is possible. 

If you find that skin is feeling a bit sore after using any type of facial, you can make a mixture of � cup of white vinegar and three cups of water. Splash this mixture over your face after your facial for a clean and soothing feeling. 

Perhaps you want to do something for your hair while you are pampering yourself with a bath and cleansing your skin. For your hair, there are several things that you can use from your kitchen that will make your hair thicker, cleaner, shinier, and fuller. 

If you have been cooking and can�t seem to get the smell of what you were cooking out of your hair, or if you have been camping and the smell of the camp fire is in your hair, you can rinse your hair with apple vinegar for a great clean that will be scent free. 

What you do is wash your hair with apple vinegar to neutralize the odors and then wash again with shampoo. The odor will be gone. This works if you have had gas, diesel, or other types of smells in your hair. 

To give your hair more shine, wash your hair with mayonnaise and then with shampoo. The mayonnaise is going to give your hair more of the oil that it was lacking so you have shinier and more manageable hair. 

If you find that have frizzies day after day, try washing your hair with beer, than then with shampoo as usual. The carbonation and the yeast in the beer is going to revitalize your hair and leave it more manageable and clean. 

Tired eyes need a little lift. To make your eyes feel clean and revitalized, whip up a few egg whites and then sit in the tub for a hot bath. What you are going to do is close your eyes and put the egg whites all over your closed eyes. Sit and let your eyes dry for about five minutes and then rinse with warm water. Your skin will tighten and your eyes will feel better. 

If your eyebrows are a little unmanageable, try dipping your finger in egg whites and smoothing them back. Works great and holds all day long. 

To give your eyes a cool refresher, lie down in bed and smooth yogurt over your eye lids and around your cheek bones. Allow this to dry and then rinse with warm water for a refreshing feeling. 

For a quick pick �me� up, take two ice cubes, and rub them over your forehead and around your eyes. This helps to minimize the pores making your eyes feel fresh.

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