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Home remedy for acne

Submitted by Aimee M

To clear up acne wash your face with a mild soap, then put egg yolk on your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash it off with a warm wash cloth. Repeat this every night and within a few days you should notice a drastic difference.

I was told that egg yolk carries Vitamin A, which is often what dermatologists use to clear up acne. This has worked beautifully for me every time I used this technique.

Visitors comments

i'm gonna try that Comments By: Nickname: Jeff! on 2005-04-01
i'm gonna try this. it better work.
thanx Comments By: maria on 2005-04-16
this seems quick and easy. i will try it out, thankyou
its nasty Comments By: heather on 2005-09-21
this feels nasty doesnt egg yolks have selamina poisoning.

TipKing says: I am not too sure about this but I do not think that you can catch Salmonella by having eggs on your skin.

you won't get poisoning Comments By: kay on 2006-02-08
you only have the possibility of getting salmonella poisoning if you eat the raw egg. I personally don't like this tip because it didn't work for me, however I did read somewhere that egg yolks do contain vitamin A which is good for your skin and scars, so maybe its worth a shot
well.. Comments By: anon on 2008-11-13
first, i was told any type of soap will irritate skin. idk, but wutev. second i think ill try this, idk if im allowed to just take some eggs from the fridge. mom might notice if im using daily. and like some people, it didnt work. but hey thanz 4 advice.

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