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What to do when a bird hit's a window.

Submitted by BC Perks

In my porch I keep a little box that I made from 4 pieces wood 6inches square (top,2 sides and back).

If a bird knocks itself out on a window I heat up a microwaveable plate/dish warmer(not to hot). They are approx 6" diameter. I place the bird on the warmer and cover him with the little box making sure it has a view of the bird feeders and other birds.

Left there they can recover in their own time. I used to hold them but sometimes it takes a long time and in these cases the bird can become frightened.

The little hut also protects the bird from weather conditions and birds of prey whilst recovering.

Visitors comments

How to tell Comments By: Brenda on 2005-12-12
How do I know if the bird is dead?
When do I decide to remove him from the box?

TipKing says: If it is motionless and cold.


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