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Cold sores. Perfume treatment for coldsores

Submitted by Debbi

I dab my coldsore with perfume at the first initial tingling blister stage, and continue to dab it numerous times throughout the day, pretty much every hour.

In most cases this treatment stops the development of the coldsore. At the moment I am in day 2 of the blister stage and can't see anything on my lip. This treatment stings a little but is effective. Most of the time the coldsore doesn't eventuate. If you don't get to it in time and the coldsore does develop, still dab it with perfume numerous times a day. This will reduce the size of the coldsore and lessen the duration of the outbreak.

Visitors comments

Mummmmmmm ! Comments By: baybii_x on 2008-01-05
thats what my mum used to say to me all the time lol i thought she was mad but iv been using perfume on my coldsore for a cuple of years now and its brilliant .. but stings if the sore is open but actually feels like its working
i love you. Comments By: the ever so greatful jen on 2008-02-04
ok i tried this cause ive been stressed so much lately that ive been getting cold sores and this made it go away in almost six hours it stings for a little but who cares if they go away i love this
thanks Comments By: abby on 2008-05-30
this treatment is reasnably effective. never get " them " really but panic when i do. followed your instructions and it went within a few hours. Thankyou :) x
It Really works!! Comments By: cs on 2008-12-10
Excellent, It does really work, my father in law used to swear by purfum for a coldsore, but I wasnt sure, I have used it this time, and it has dried up my coldsore really quickly and it is a lot smaller than it normally would be!!! Im gonna try it on the tingle stage next time...Thanks...
confused Comments By: ben on 2009-01-05
Does this help when u 1st get the cold sore?
does it work... Comments By: alysse on 2009-02-24
with any type of perfume?
damm things Comments By: Stacyann on 2009-05-12
I hate them...I get them when I'm stressed out or feelin run down, ive been feeling run down the last few days, woke up this morning with a massive 1! Just my luck that I'm going out friday aswell, been putting perfum on it all day dried out a little bit, Im trying the nail varnish remover trick now!! Fingers crossed
this works Comments By: nikki on 2009-05-27
perfume is great even aftershave lotion the more it stings the better the results ive been gettin them for years and this tip always does the trick!!
Perfume does cure cold sores. Comments By: Mike Holden on 2009-10-06
I used to get cold sores every couple of months. The cure you can buy at the chemist (begins with Z...) used to take more than 10 days to work, by which time the cold sore would probably have cleared up, without treatment.
Applying perfume twice a day clears up cold sores in a couple of days, and they seem to stay away for longer too. It does sting a bit but it's the best treatment I know.

YAYY! Comments By: Yukie on 2009-10-24
lips taste of posh perfume...blek!
but cold sore gone <3 ty

how long until??? Comments By: stressed on 2009-11-26
its gone, if you dont start at the tinngle stage??
Common Now Comments By: Tina on 2009-12-15
Is the alcohol in the perfume that makes it work. I wouldn't advise doing this just use alcohol.
AMAZING TREATMENT Comments By: Kelsey on 2010-04-05
Im doing this now at the 1st sign that I had this morning it does taste nasty but who cares?! You should look for the best perfume for it to go away and then sell it! Its better then buying Blystex for about #7 pounds.
it helps Comments By: Sim on 2010-05-09
My dad tod me about rubbing perfume, I did it today throughout the day and the coldsore on my nose and lips is drying up. It helps a lot but it is not magic
No No No Comments By: Pinky on 2010-10-10
Tried this and now I have weeping blisters on lips and the skin around mouth is red raw and burning. It's been a week since I tried it and its still agony so please be carefull when trying old wifes tales it doesnt work for everyone.
Day 2 Comments By: joon on 2010-11-11
This is the 2nd day of using the perfume treatment . my cold sore has turned into little spots and can hardly be seen!
DAY 1 Comments By: joon on 2010-11-09
This is the first day i have noticed my cold sore......it didnt tingle to start its just appeared now at mork. I have just applied some perfum this minute, It doesnt sting but it does taste a bit nasty, My coldsore doesnt hurt as much as it did before i put the perfume on it. I will be back t moz with an update>

Ouchh Comments By: sammy on 2011-01-22
ouchyyyyy but helping lots <3
hmmm we will see Comments By: coldsorey on 2011-03-06
I get about 6 cold sores a year! Its really annoying and I get so sad when i have them. I just got one today, I felt a teeny bump on my lip at 5am so i ran and put zoviraks on it.. but at 7 am it had developed into a blister :(

I tried putting on lots more zoviraks a few times during the morning..but it didnt feel to be doing anything. Just mae me lip swell and was really painful.

So i washed it off and have now applied perfume tiwce. Its red (it was before anyway) and stinging (it was before as well)....
So we will see....i will keep putting it on every hour or so.....
I have an extremely important meeting tonight at 7pm so i hope its gone by then! ha.
Ohwell...its not as bad as it could be..And at least its onmy lip not in my eye...or somewhere else worse!!!

Preventing coldsores Comments By: Miss C on 2011-04-07
To help prevent coldsores naturally and much cheaper than other brands out there you should the Liquorice Balm from The Skin Shop and other online outlets. Someone recommended this to me a few years ago. They still comeback from time to time, but much less often, much less often. I recently bought three 30g pots inc postage for 20. Not bad price, but I think they are only available online.

But even when you dont have coldsores I think you are supposed to use this balm, even before the tingle stage. So I guess it's used like a regular lip balm.

If you do get a coldsore, then I'm not sure how good it is. Like a lot of people on here have been saying they use perfume a to reduce the healing time. I have to agree that works for me and as a means of prevention. However with perfume it can make your lips really dry. My skin is very sensitive anyway, so not always the best option. So it's up to really. The creams available in the pharmacy are very costly for small amounts, ie 7g. I have used two of the leading brand today and it's only 5pm.

Good luck!

trust me Comments By: cold sore man on 2011-05-17
i have had loads of cold sores since i was in my teens up to these days im in my late 20s now,,,try this, when u feel u are getting a cold sore wait twenty four hours then try picking or peeling the plister watery bit of it wit a pin or sewing needle when u have cracked the skin put sum ladies perfume on sum cotton wool andd dab into onto the area do this as ofton as u can in the day about every half hour i do it. within 48 hours the cold sore should be a scab witch is way better than a big bubbly thing on ur lip
thank you Comments By: sasha on 2011-07-06
thanks i get cold sores every time i get a cold or my heyfever sets in and this really works to get rid .

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