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Make Zits Go Away! - Lavender Facial

Instead of using those masks that CLOG your pores causing blackheads, open your pores for a deep clean. Boil water and pour it into a sink. Make sure the sink is clean, and so is the water. Add some lavender flowers (not lavender oil) or strawberry leaves in the water, mix.

Put your face over the steaming water for about 10 minutes, then soak a cloth with warm water and wipe your face clean. Repeat with cold water to close your pores. Do this about once every week.

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huh? Comments By: steph on 2006-04-21
Why not just put the ingredients in the pot? Why use the sink? Doesn't make sense.
Better Cures Comments By: Jessie on 2007-12-28
that does work, but really to get rid of zits and make them stay away there is a series of different things to try. I used to have a HUGE problem with zits, i would get about 4 big ones each week. Clearasil works okay, but finally I went to see a dermatologist. Now, I use epicuren and some creams and foams that the dermatologist gave me. N-E-Ways, the dermatologist said that if I could not afford those I should use Newtrogena ,and that I should be sure to drink lots of water and stay away from junk food (such as burgers,and chocolate). Another thing that my aunt recommended (she owns her own skin care studio) was to wash my makeup off daily at night. If you leave your makeup on then your pores will get clogged and you will get more zits and blackheads.Mainly coverup causes this to happen.

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