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This helped my acne hope it helps your's

Submitted by Kat

Over washing as you know dries the skin, and if your anything like me and you have really bad acne it only makes it worse. The best thing to do is use warm but not hot water (always us a flannel and not your hands, make sure you wash the flannel every two-three days).

If you have over oily skin use a none colored none alkaline soap, Dove or Pears are the best. Keeping in mind that over use will damage the skin and dry it. After you've washed your face if you lucky enough to have an aloe vera plant, use the flesh inside and gently wipe onto the face. This will help heal scars tame any angry acne and reduce the redness. 

If your also like me and your acne is due to hormones then see your GP for advice, but mean time follow this and you should be fine. Don't fear. If you experience a pearling at any time, that's normal, leave it and carry on like usual. It happened to me, I was worried until I noticed that the skin under it was more clear and the scars looked lighter.

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