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Tea tree oil for spotty skin

Submitted by AC

Use tea tree oil on your skin. Dab it on using cotton wool every morning and evening until your spot has faded.

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it works but... Comments By: Leah on 2005-04-21
Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal. Since strengths vary, always test its reaction to your skin. Many people are allergic to the oil.

Also, since it can be irritating to the skin, start with one application per day, if no excessive dryness occurs, increase to two applications per day. Also, you can add 10-15 drops to about 1 oz of moisturizer. It works for me.

Really works Comments By: Bman on 2005-08-07
Yeah, i had a tea tree oil based pimple cream and it cleared them up within a week, its awesome stuff
Glad to hear Comments By: ... on 2005-09-29
I'm really glad to hear the reviews are so positive, because i finally found a tea tree oil based blemish stick, and i really really hope it works!
Meh. Comments By: Cesciie on 2007-09-10
I've been using tea tree oil for about a week, i don't generally have bad skin, but recently i've had a HUUGE break out.
The only effects i've had from tea tree oil is that it has got rid of the inflamation and made my skin smooth again, and dry out my zits. So they have literally been falling off my face :) all i need now is something that will heal my skin, because it is still red.
I would definately reccomend this to anyone with a akin problem, just don't use too much because it will irritate your eyes XD


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