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Knee and joint pain. Tips top relieve knee and joint pain

Submitted by John Daum

I had joint pain, in my knees, I could not walk up steps or climb ladders. I found out that calcium was the culprit causing this problem. I also found out that magnesium must be taken with calcium supplements. Magnesium keeps calcium in solution. Joint pain is when calcium sticks to your joints. 

So I decided to take 12 100mg tablets of Magnesium within 12 hours. By bed time, most of my pain was gone. I took 12 more the next day and can now climb steps with no pain. I am pain free. I lowered my dose to 3 100mg tablets per day. If any pain returns I increase my dose.

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UNCERTAIN Comments By: Marie on 2005-08-04
If this tip is true, than THANKS for the advice.

But, is joint pain due to calicum sticking to the joints? I'll have to do some research and get back to you with an updated comment.
Thanks for this website, its very informative. At least it's a start of information for various problems.


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