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Better Results for Toenail Fungus. Vicks Vapor Rub

Submitted by Joseph Averitte Jr.

Vicks Vapor Rub applied on the top and around all the toenail and as much under the tonail as you can get will be extremely effective in killing toenail fungus. Simply wear a pair of socks to cover as not to spread the Vicks and assist in keeping it in the area needed. I believe once a day untill your toenail is completely healed is the best way to apply this product.

Visitors comments

Vicks doesn't work Comments By: Vince from Philly on 2004-12-27
I used Vicks for two months, with no change in the fungus. Also I have two friends who have the same problem They both used Vicks.. Same result... Doesn't work
Vicks Works! Comments By: Mary Ellen on 2004-12-31
I have been using the Vicks religiously every day. The color has returned to the nails. No dark nails! My friend also tried it and agrees.
its working Comments By: Suzie on 2007-08-20
I`ve been using vicks for 4 months now & it`s working. I haven`t skip a day. MY toes where bad from having the infection for about 15 years now. It takes about a year never skipping a day. You have to keep applying it for any results. 2 months is not long enought. The meds even takes longer than that. So I`m keeping it up,,,nothing to lose.
give it a chance Comments By: DPM on 2008-04-26
a nail takes 6-9 mo to grow out, which means it would take at least this long to see any results, considering religious daily applications
good luck

new things open up possibilities....... Comments By: angelic me on 2008-12-02
I'm trying it starting today.I have two dark toe nails that I have been trying to get rid of for many years.Both toe nails reside on the two of my baby toes, yeah gross.I have tried diets rich in fiber,topical treatments,and also keeping my feet extra clean and dry and all have failed.I am going to inhale the VAPOR of possibilities.
doctor says Comments By: Meg on 2009-04-09
I went to the doctor today, she told me it takes about 6 months to see any progress, but at least it is something. Ingested medicines take 3 months and include monthly blood draws for checks on proper liver function
vicks is good Comments By: anne on 2009-05-24
Have had toenail infection 8 or so years. nothing worked. read about vicks and now use it twice a day. nails are looking better and are very much softer. been using it about 2 or 3 weeks. will definitely keep using it, much better results so far than the much more expensive 'specialist'products available
Hoping For the Best. Comments By: Brandon on 2009-07-15
Man, ive had bad toenails for at least 12 years now. I heard about this Vick's cure the other day. I've only been using it for 3 days now, so i know that isn't long enough to do anything yet. But my toenails are getting darker, so that's a good thing. Thanks for the tip.
It's working Comments By: Very Hopeful on 2010-02-07
I've been usine "Krogers" brand for about 2 weeks and I am already seeing drastic results. My toenails first start looking darker, and now they are getting lighter and the new growth is lighter. I can see the dividing line between the old and the new. I will continue due to fast results I'm already seeing. I place under my nails and on top.
Very impressive Comments By: Kitty on 2011-04-29
I started using vicks vapour rub 2 days ago on my fungal toe nails and they have already nearly gone back to their normal colour and appearance!!

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