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Spots. How to get rid of spots

This worked for me, it may just work for you..... To cut down on spots and get rid of them. Its not a treatment more like a skin diet... Don't go away....

Don't eat anything with alot of sugar in it for 1-2 weeks... use any type of apricot scrub morning and night and after scrubbing at night use Aquious cream (from chemist) on spotty areas or on places you want to prevent spots. Why don't you give it a go, I mean WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE!!!!

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Desperate for a solution Comments By: DLo on 2005-06-29
What is an aquious cream and where can I get it from? You said a "chemist". Where do they work? Is it expensive?

TipKing says: Chemist is a UK name for a drug store.

? Comments By: anon on 2005-08-08
whats a Aquious
and apricot scrub...

TipKing says: The tip suggests asking at a chemists/drug store. I do not know

thats wrong Comments By: Anon on 2005-09-22
using aprocote scrubs day and night will burn and damage ur skin! that is horrible advice, esspecially for teengers whjo have young skin. Aproctoe scrubs should only be used once a week at the most and at a very gentle circle like motion no matter wat the instructions say because it damages skin
apricot scrub Comments By: anon on 2005-09-27
i use apricot scrub daily and it doesn't aggravate my skin, in fact i haven't had any flare ups in a while, only when i have my period i may have a few small zits.
for the above comment Comments By: kay on 2006-02-08
an apricot scrub is simply a type of exfoliating scrub. St ives makes one; you can look it up on there website if you like

will this really work Comments By: lauren on 2006-02-16
will this really work?,is it expensive and what else is there to use if it dont work?
Rubbish Comments By: harriet on 2006-11-01
Thats rubbish! beauty comes from within! stop all sugary things, drink lots of water to flush toxicins out and eat lots of fruit and veg,combine this with exercise! not a single spot in sight!
I Was In The Same Situation Comments By: Ryan Booth on 2006-11-29
if your spot are really bad just see your doctor they will either give you acne tablets which will fight the acne cause or perscribe a steroid cream which will smooth the skin down and reduce any inflamed skin do not pick spots that is like suicide they may not reduce into scars but they will do damage hope i could help
spots Alert Comments By: Sadia Chambers on 2006-12-05
Well, the thing is if any girl or boy has spots that means their growing up! Just drink at least 10 glasses of water, and eat your greens! Trust me I had Worse
What! Comments By: FeDuP on 2007-08-20
acne is not just for girls and boys. I am a grown woman and I have been fighting acne since I was 16 and still going. I have tried Murad, Proactive, and every other wash and scrubs you can find in the stores!!! nothing works... it's hormones and if u smoke--don't, it irritates skin so bad. yea, drink plenty of water, but there is no real evidence that a poor diet causes acne- it's genes and hormones. and if u have to wear coverup like I do, use a silicone based foundation. and lets not over do the washing and scrubbing ladies!
it dont work Comments By: leonnie on 2007-10-26
i just started to get spots i am 15 and i have tried all face scrubs and solutions but they all irratate my skin, my face burns and it gets worse is there anything that i can do at home instead of treatments x
Acruious Cream Comments By: Becca on 2007-11-11
Acreous cream (however it's spelt, is what a doctor would give to you if you had bad excema. Since exema is a skin condition where the person has dry skin and the doctors usually give them something greasy for it, I can't see how thats going to get rid of spots?
Depends on your skin... Comments By: Jennifer on 2008-05-01
First and foremost: no matter what type of skin you have, always, always use moisturizer...especially that with spf 15 or higher to block sun damage, which can make spots worse.

For oily skin: go for the foaming cleanser, a toner, and moisturizer (again, with spf 15 or higher). Try Clinique's 3 step program: I've seen it work wonders for people. I also used to use it when I would get really huge whiteheads.

For dry skin: you want to use gentle, cream cleansers that are non-drying, and follow up with a good moisturizer. St. Ives makes a great cream cleanser, and I would also suggest using Olay daily moisturizer with spf 15. I started using this after I got rid of all of my whiteheads and during the winter when my skin is super dry.

Me? I have combination skin, and have had the worst acne until recently. My t-zone is actually dry, and my cheeks are rather oily and have huge pores. I currently use St. Ives apricot scrub and go over it with a Crest spin brush for extra exfoliation. Afterwards, I use prescription differin gel (which exfoliates), as well as azelaic acid (which acts as a pore shrinker). It works for me because I get more blackheads than whiteheads.

I've had to train my skin to be clear, and with each stage, I've had to use something different.

? Comments By: anon on 2008-11-13
first thing is face products and mostuizer and wut not is EXPENSIVE. some people here dont have money to buy and try all the diff. types of..stuff. me myself will one day have a few zits here and there and the next it will be just awfull. so advice with water and diets i guess might help. but all these formulas and specialties are just anoying. i want to try ridding this at home w/o to much hassel. so some say these stuff work others dont.wutev.i hope i can solve this my way
AVE A GO Comments By: Sandra on 2009-01-30
use tea tree oil dab it on ur spot if you pop it.. it shuld help =)
i remember people used to bully me saying "i can play dot-to-dot on yur face" i didn like it since then iv been using tea tree oil and it has helpd alot and people stopped bullying me

Easier said than done Comments By: charlotte on 2009-05-06
Hi. I have dry skin and suffer with spots, white+black heads and uneven skin tone. I find toothpaste helps with big spots and REDUCES them wihin 2-3 days. I just put a dab of toothpaste on any large spots before i go to bed and leave until the morning. I dont find any scrubs or moisturisers help with my dry skin and spots. I use glycerin avaliable at chemists. I mix 1 part glycerin with 2 parts water.
Stupiidd! Comments By: Georgiiaa: on 2009-11-09
I Thinkk Tryin To Get Rid Of Your Spots Is Stupid Weeel its Not But You Should Be Happy By Your Apearance And People Should Accept Who You Are I Know Its Hard When You Get Called And You Want This Beautiful Skin But So Whatt I Dont Have Spots Because I Use Facial Scrub Cleanser And It Is Great For Spots I Apply It Twice A Week And I Have Really Soft Skin And Noo Spots Its Really Good It Just Says Spots And Blackheads And iT Does Its Job Weeel And Do Not Cover Up Spots With Make-up Because It Makes More Spots Appear Just Look Afterr Your Skin. And I Alsoo Put Toothpaste On My Spots From Night Till Morning And Drink 6-8 Small Cups Of Water A Day And Also Dont Use Soap To Wash Your Face Just Use Warm Waterr Because Soap Blocks Yourr Pores And That Stops Spots Dissapearing And Always Wash Of Your Make-up Before Bed!.
BestFriend <3 Comments By: Yasmin on 2010-07-26
My BestFriend has Acne she has tryed everything from toothpaste to Fish water can anyone help her! When ever i see her she has another spot they are discusting!
Spots are appering every hour :'(
I Love her to bits but she and i cant go on like this I LOVEYOU BestFriend

What doctor to go to get rid of spots Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-26
Go to the this place called Loma Linda.
TRust me. I m only 6 and I have these spots. So my mom took me to Loma Linda. And guess what? I had to go to a ray which helped me to get rid of these spots!

How to get rid of spots! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-26
I know how to get rid of spots! Go to this place called Loma Linda. When u reach there they will give u this medicine on your spots. Then u go to a ray which will slowly get rid of your spots. And it is in L.A.

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