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The best way to get rid of acne

I done research on acne, and there is no cure, I guess you just have to grow out of it, except some people don't.

Anyways the best way that I found was wash your face with a good cleanser, Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) gel, and a good moisturizer. This probably is going to cost you about $20 a month. Don't go cheap on products, the cleanser and moisturizer are very important, buy them especially made for acne. For the BP you can buy whatever brand, as long as you buy good amount like 8-10 OZ.

  • Clean your face with cleanser.
  • Apply BP on face where pimples and zips appear.
  • Apply moisturizer on same spots as bp. 
  • Wait about 10 minutes between each step. 
  • Do this in the morning and night. 

This cleared help control my acne in 2 months, and now I get like one pimple a month. Then I just wash my face once a day. *Important* BP will dry your face, so apply small amounts at beginning then increase as your skin gets used to it. 

Benzoyl Peroxide is hard to find 

Use hot water, but don't burn your face! 

If you experience a small rash, stop doing this for about a day or two. Enjoy, and you will see results within 3-4 weeks, and after you are 99% clear buy some product to heal your acne scars.

Visitors comments

Acne starts from the inside Comments By: Andrew B on 2004-12-04
There is a cure for acne. Acne is caused by imbalanced hormones and toxins in the blood. You need to get your bowels and liver healthy and eat less sugar and fats and more vegetables and health food
Hormone inbalance Comments By: Leyla on 2005-06-06
Does eating healthily balance your hormones?

TipKing says: Eating healthy helps everything

Eating Healthy Comments By: Jenny on 2005-07-03
Eathing healthy is great for many things but it is not a cure for acne. Acne is in large part caused by bacteria. Also, eating healthy is not going to balance your hormones.
i agree.. Comments By: amanda. on 2005-07-18
I think the plan you've outlined is a good plan, the only thing i noticed was that the b.p. worked at first, but then it seemed as though my skin grew used to it, and it stopped working for me, i then switched to s.acid for a while, and that's clearing it up nicely.
BP can help but... Comments By: kat on 2005-07-27
i started using benzoyl peroxide because i thought it would dry my zits out, well it did at first, but then too much drying occured, and the zits seemed to get worse! so i stopped using it. I strongly advise anyone who has sensitive skin to try another method. Neutrogena makes an oil free acne wash which dosn't work miracles but it helps. Because i have sensitive skin, i use the cream cleanser. I also wanted to add, that i read that benzoyl peroxide can slow down the healing process, and i do have many red scars left behind from when i used it, and i think the scars are harder to get rid of than the zits!
Benzoyl Peroxide Doesn't work! Comments By: Leah on 2007-04-03
The cleanser is a good idea. Try Tersaseptic cleanser. It also works as a foot wash or shampoo. It has citric acid which makes your pores tighter. As for the Benzoyl Peroxide, I have tried and tired woth it and nothing has happened except my skin breaking out again. It might be allergies but I don't know. Right now, I'm using prescribed Retisol-A. A good moisturizer is Complex 15.

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