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Baby gifts. Spending Less on Baby Gifts

Lots of babies are born every day, every month and even more yearly! If you find that you are in the middle of a situation where babies are born more often, and you are going to give a gift for the baby or the mother, I have a few ideas that are going to help you give a thoughtful gift without having to spend too much other than what you can truly afford. 

One of the important things to remember is that when you are giving a gift on this special occasion, these are the gifts that are treasured for years and years to come. While you may not feel that your gift is special as it could be, the baby, the mother, and the family will hold dear that you were so very thoughtful in your gift!

Some of these ideas are going to work out well for a baby shower, the birth of a baby, the babies first few birthdays, even birthdays for other people as well, but it is important to realize that you should be customizing or changing what you are doing for each person you are giving a gift to so that they feel special!

One of the sweetest things you can do for a new baby, and sometimes for the very young special child is to write a letter. While the child is too young to know what is going on in the world at the moment you can write a long letter about how loved the baby is by the parents, how every one is looking forward to the growth and loving this child. 

You can include what the favorite movies, music, restaurants, and what the rage in fashion is. This is something that is going to be personalized to the time the child is born, plus you took the time to explain and tell the child what is really going on in the world during the time they are born. 

Another thing that you might want to include with the special letter to the baby or the child who is still young is a picture of their parents during the pregnancy or a funny picture of when they are first born. Creating memory books is something that just about every parent does for a child, and your letter with the picture can be included for years to come. 

If you have a very extended family, you can create a small photo album of the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents at that time. We all have pictures in our home, often we have too many of them so this is a great way to use some of those extra photos while creating a nice gift at the same time!

You can buy a frame that will hold the babies first photos. 
You can buy a photo album and decorate it just for the baby, with a special notation of the date!
You can make a photo frame from stichery if you are handy in this way!
If you are handy in sewing, you could make the child a blanket with their name, the date and a special message. 
If you are handy in crocheting, you could crochet or possibly knit a small blanket that the child or baby could use for years to come!

If you are extra close to the mother of the baby, a couple of throw away type cameras are going to be something that she is truly going to love. There are never enough pictures and time to get film when the baby is small. Having a few cameras on hand is a thoughtful way that you can help the mother capture all the special moments of the babys life. 

You can purchase a small gift bag and put a few goodies in it. It does not cost much to put a few bottles, nipples, cans of baby food, and a few small spit rags in the bag. These are just a few things that every mom finds they love to have because they are so needed! often the new mother doesnt have time to wash what she has as often as she needs to so having more on hand helps out greatly. 

Get a few wash clothes and put them rolled up in a container that can be used for storing toys and such in the babys room. Storage containers are always needed with children and the mom will love your cleverness as you decorated the container with the babies name and birth date!

If you are low on cash or if you are big in the heart you can create and offer the new mom a booklet of goodies stating thing that you will do for them. These little coupons are going to be such a big help as you could come clean the house for a few hours, you could baby sit the baby, you could run to the store once or twice as needed, or you could even take the other children for the afternoon so mom can get a little extra nap in!

One big thing that some people really dont do often enough is purchase diapers for the new baby. This used to be a very big thing as far as gifts are concerned that a lot of people seemed to have gotten away from. Often when the baby is first born, mom is off work for a while, dad is off for a few days, and the paychecks are a little less. Purchasing diapers for the new baby is still a very treasured gift!

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