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Wet to straight in one go ! T3 tourmeline straighteners

Submitted by carol

I would recommend the new wet to dry straightners. The T3 tourmeline are fantastic. Saves about 20 minutes and doesnt damage your hair re no blowdrying !!! locks in the moisture so it has a great shine. Got mine from ebay. Its worth paying for profesional ones rather than ones from Boots or Argos. Mine werent alot more in price !!!!

Visitors comments

Works so great! Comments By: Marlene on 2005-05-11
i got mine from london drugs and it works really good! straightens perfectly and dries at the same time! it's so cool, and i think that anyone who is considering buying this product should go for it!
straiht hair Comments By: trisha and josephine on 2005-07-01
dose this product leave your hair straight for good

TipKing says: Nothing is 'for ever'

50% Comments By: kaylee on 2007-01-06
i have this and it works sometimes but if you have thick hair it gets all poofy even if you use the highest heat level possible. but other than that it works 50%of the time.
no way Comments By: anon on 2007-05-27
it is soo not worth the 215 dollars i paid because it didnt work

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