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Glamour Pussy eyes, tips to have great glamour eyes

Submitted by Tammy & Nina & Tania

To get beautiful glamour pussy eyes you should first start off witrh putting ice on your eyes, this will help your eyes wash off any dirt which will make your eye colour stand out against your skin.

Then apply foundation to make your skin look fresh, then apply your colour of eye makeup from the corner of your eye to the end, then add liquid eye liner to give definition to them then eye liner to accentuate the shape of your eyes and voila, glamour pussy eyes, oh dont forget 2 licks of mascara for dramatic effect

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I agree totally Comments By: tamzin on 2006-04-05
I totally agree with this because I do this. I first apply eyeliner to my eyes, then i use liquid topliner to make my eues look bigger and it does work, p.s the women that have difficulty putting the liquid liner on just keep on trying and you will become used to it.

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