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Dry lips and balms

Submitted by Teri

I was told that we have all been fooled by using anything at all to moisten our lips, but on the contrary we are telling our lips it's ok to dry up because something's on the way to moisten. 

A woman had a disaster of peeled lips almost up to her nostrils and she told me that her skin doctor told her she was addicted to lip moisteners (like nasal spays can do) and that she would continue to have dry lips unless she stopped using balms and put up with the horrible withdrawal period of severely peeling lips. I wish I could see her now to see if this was all true. 

I always have dry lips, and always use balms. My husband and kid never are dry and never use balms. It may very well be true.
If I decide to go cold turkey, I'll let you know what happens.

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