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Wrinkles. Myths about wrinkles

There are plenty of myths about wrinkles and their prevention and removal. The big ones:

"You can prevent wrinkles."

  • Only a little - to prevent them completely, you would have to never go out in the sun, never ever move your facial muscles, and also live in a zero-gravity environment! Using a high SPF sunblock every day, not tanning, and not smoking can help prevent a fair bit of wrinkling, but it is a natural part of the aging process.

"You can remove wrinkles."

  • The only way to semi-permanently remove wrinkles is to undergo surgery or have injections of the toxin botulin. Laser treatments and dermabrasion are also not permanent. You can't fight time and gravity and your wrinkles will eventually return. Creams, oils, massage, wraps - all these are only temporary at best and ineffective at worst. Mostly they appear to work by "plumping up" the skin cells with moisture giving a temporary reduction in wrinkle appearance. If you read the fine print in their advertisements, they say things like 'results not typical', 'effects may be temporary only', 'results not guaranteed' and so on.

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Wrinkles not due to age, just shrinking bones Comments By: Pam McCormick on 2010-02-28
A CA dermatologist did a ten year study on his clients and learned that people didn't get wrinkles, they loss bone (size) which is why people's nose and ears appear to continue to grow but really do not. Wrinkles are NOT a 'natural' part of aging, just not staying or being active!

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