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Home Beauty Tips and Ideas

Your body is one of your best assets. Keeping your skin healthy looking, softer, and to keep your body feeling good is just one method of pampering yourself to give yourself a good sense of confidence and control over your life. 

A beauty plan is what every woman needs, and it doesn�t have to mean that you should be going to a salon all the time or even at all. There are many tips through the Tip King site which will tell you more about at home remedies and mixtures you can make at home to get the exact same results that you will at a salon for better skin, great looking hair, and for a healthier over all beauty regime without the use of chemicals and costly price tags. 

In this article, I want to tell you about simple beauty routines that make you feel good about yourself, that will pamper your body and your skin, and all without being too costly so you can continue to pamper yourself and feel good at the same time!

No matter what age you are, you can find yourself faced with pimples. One of the biggest things that you can do in your fight against pimples is to not pick or scratch at them. Picking and scratching is going to irritate your skin, leaving more red marks than you would have had otherwise. 

A good beauty routine is going to include taking the time in the shower, taking your time getting dressed for the day, and using lotions, and the goodies from your kitchen! Taking a bath is going to soak your skin, helping you to get rid of excess skin that would other wise flake from your body. Use an exfoliating soap or just your usual soap and a soft brush to brush over your feet, and your elbows. This is going to soften your skin. 

When taking a bath, adding limejuice to your bath is going to help soften your skin, and clean your skin at the same time. A quart of limejuice is the perfect pampering for your body. Before getting out of the bath, be sure to put the limewater all over your face and over your neck. After getting out of the tub, put on a good moisturizing lotion that will protect and keep your skin soft. 

If your skin needs a little tightening or if you are worried about wrinkles, some of the best measures you can take are not going to work if you are a smoker. Smokers skin will dry out and become wrinkled more often than a person who does not smoke. 

To tighten your skin under your eyes, mix together vitamin E (liquid form) a little water, and lemon juice. This is going to help tighten the skin when you smooth the mixture on your skin and allow it to dry. There is no need to wash off your skin, unless you feel it is getting a little too dry for your liking. 

To tighten your skin in a natural manner, look for lotions and moisturizers that contain elastogen. Elastogen is a natural product in your skin that as you get older is not produced as much or as often. Moisturizing lotions meant for your face are often not the same type of lotions that you will put on the rest of your body so you do not break out in pimples or have an oily problem afterwards. Lotions can be put on at night or first thing in the morning. One of the best times to put moisturizing lotions on is right after taking a shower so you keep the moisture in your skin from bathing. 

If you are constantly fighting of zits, pimples and red blotches on your face, or just about anywhere on your body, you might be interested in this little tid bit. What you will do is take just a drop or two of pure lemon juice, and put it on the pimple. This helps to dry out the pimple faster so you are left with clear skin. 

For those of you who have sensitive skin but love to use hairspray you might want to be sure to cover your face when you are putting hair spray on. Hairspray on your skin can leave you to break out, on your face, or on your neck or arms. Be sure to wash off any hair spray that gets on your body so you do not break out as easily!

To pamper yourself daily, use a warm washcloth and gently rub your face. This takes any excess oils from around your nose and forehead, while leaving you feeling awake and fresh at the same time. 

If you want to feel pampered more often, take the time to take a long hot shower, shave your legs, and then put baby oil on your legs right after taking a shower. This is going to leave your skin feeling soft and silky, making you feel pampered and fresh.

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