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Relaxing Baths. Tips for a relaxing bath

Baths are a form of taking time for yourself and pampering your body. In many of the most exotic spas you will find herbal teas and baths combine for the ultimate pampering and relaxing time. To create the ultimate experience in your own home, I am going to tell you more about what you need to accomplish this. 

First you need to discover more about the various types of herbal and added flavor teas. You will want to have a cup of your favorite flavored tea for sipping while you soak in an herbal bath. This helps to relax your mind while you work on relaxing your muscles at the same time. 

Herbal teas have been used in the bath for hundreds of years, soothing your mind and soul. Herbal teas also provoke your senses into feeling more alive, bringing more to your life as you feel alive and awake. What might surprise you as you first discover the world of teas and herbal teas is that there are literally hundreds of different tastes and combinations that you can try and use in pampering your mind and body. 

Don�t worry, you are not literally going to put tea bags into your bath, you could if you wanted, but in order to have a great herbal bath, what you want to do is create a sachet for floating in the water, so you have the best amount of scents and tea in the water. 

The hotter your water in the bath, the better your tea is going to steep for your bodily enjoyment. If you want to start with the hottest water possible, and then let the water cool so you can enter it, your herbal tea sachet is going to provide you with the best 

In creating a sachet for steeping in your bath water, you can use any type of towel or bag that you can close and leave in the water while you bath. A thin type of material such as cheese cloth can be used if you are using pieces of materials that are bigger than that of the little leaves in a tea bag. 

In some herbal and retail outlets you will find that the larger amounts of herbal teas that you purchase the lower the overall price is going to be for your herbal bath. In using a sachet made of a thicker type material, you can hook or put the sachet right on the spicket so that the water has no choice but to flow through the herbal teas as it flows into the tub. 

In pouring and creating your own herbal bath, another method of steeping your bath is to put a large pan of water on the stove. This pan should hold three to five gallons of water, a pan similar to what you might use to cook corn or lobster. In boiling your water, you will add the tea bags, or the tea materials that you want to use in your bath and boil in the water for ten minutes for a strong tea mixture. Pour this directly into your hot bath, slip in the tub and sip on your favorite mixture of herbal teas while you soak for a great relaxing pampering feeling.

Choosing what type of herbal teas or mixtures of herbal teas are going to fit your mind and body best is basically going to be dependant on your tastes. While one might like peppermint, another likes vanilla or cinnamon. No matter what type of cookie, cream or chocolate mixture you have a taste for, you are sure to find a mixture in herbal teas that are sure to treat your taste buds and your scents. 

If you are new to the world of herbal and scented teas, you will find that many that include a red stripe will include the use of cinnamon or a spicy type mixture that will remind you of red hot candies. Many teas and mixtures that include a yellow stripe will include the use of a soothing herb known as chamomile. 

One thing to keep in mind is if you were to put your herbs in the tub of water without being in a mesh or in a towel then they can float down and clog your drains when you let the water out of the tub so be sure to keep your herbs in some type of containment.

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