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Straighteners will not straighten your hair

Submitted by angie t.**

Everyone thinks that using a pro striaghtner will make your hair straight but that is totally wrong!! Straightners damage your hair a lot so just take a little hairspray and hairspray your everytime after you use a straightner! This should work

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Not all Comments By: Allison on 2005-05-15
well, it depends on what your using. And plus if you want to avoid drying out or damaging your hair then get one with ceramic coating.
no no no Comments By: Stefany on 2005-08-08
you never wanna put hairspray in it b/c it gets all hard and u cant brush it or nothin its like havin fake stringy hair yuck!
erm...honestly I don't think so Comments By: Amz.x on 2008-07-01
I use GHD's n they work fine, they're one of the best and I don't ever use hairspray that makes your hair rock hard! My hair stays straight all day, and yooh should see it without straightners! So I don't really agree, I mean what straightners do yooh have? Btw Nicky Clarks straightners are sh** I used them, they do NOT straighten!
erm no Comments By: Jasmin on 2011-04-28
I use straighteners everyday and my hair isn't damaged, your just need to use heat protection for it, if you use hair spray, sometimes it can make your hair curly from my experiences with it at dance competitions, yes it holds your hair in place but after you've just straightened it, i can go curly.

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