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Greasy oily hair and teenagers

When you have extremely greasy and oily hair, be sure to wash daily, and brush seldomly. While brushing, try to avoid tugging, pulling, etc. Be sure to eat healthy foods (especially veggies) and clean your hair. Don't use shampoo, only a mild conditioner, and don't put too much of it on the roots, otherwise you will have a huge problem!

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Agree, but disagree.. Comments By: jezz on 2006-02-20
I agree with the fact that you shoul brush seldomley, use mild conditioner, and not getting too much of it on the roots. What I disagree about is the fact that you said that you should not use shampoo. Using shampoo should wash some of the grease out of your hair, if you don't use it, your hair sill be disgusting. Use a bit of baby powder instead, it is tried and true.
doesn't work for me .. Comments By: Erin on 2007-02-26
My hair is soooooo greasy that it's not even funny! When i use any type of shampoo or conditioner or just shampoo it doesn't do any help at all .. plus it wasn't always like this .. it just randomly happend!
I did itt! Comments By: Erin on 2007-02-28
i finally got the grease out of my hair! I washed it with dishwashing liquid .. lol
Hey Comments By: ??? on 2009-10-20
When you say "don't use shampoo but only conditioner"....you mean when washing my hair daily i shouldn't use shampoo but only conditioner??
Don't wash your hair daily Comments By: Sarah on 2010-08-22
Don't wash your hair daily as it strips away the hairs natural oils so the hair reproduces more. I have naturally quite greasy hair and I find that medicated or baby shampoo works the best. Condition the ends only, and pop a whisked egg on it for around twenty minutes once a fortnight. Dry shampoo works really well just for the day too x

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