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Plucking hair in ears, your chin, your eyebrows

Hair is one thing that men and women alike battle with through their years. Men will pluck hair from their ears, their nose, on their face and sometimes from other areas of their body. Women will pluck hair from their eyebrows, their nose, sometimes their face, and other areas of their body as well. 

Because plucking hair seems to be such an easy way to get rid of that unwanted hair, men and women alike continue to pluck their hair as often as needed. In this article I am going to talk a little about plucking problems, the addiction to plucking hair, and what to do if you have taken out too many hairs where you want to still have some amount of color left where you thinned out the hair. 

First lets start with the ears. 
If you are plucking hair in or around the ear you should know that this can be a very sensitive spot to be plucking hair. You should be ready to feel the pull of the hair, and sometimes it can be painful if you are pulling a hair that is growing from deep within your ear. You should never stick anything deep in your ear or you can burst your eardrum. You might want to consider just trimming hair in and around your ears if at all possible. There are both women and men who find later in life that hair will grow in their ears, why? � Simply to control the dirt, dust and such that is in the air from getting to the eardrum. This is how the ear protects itself. 

Pluck hairs on Moles 
Many people will pluck the hair off a mole on their face, sometimes their arms, and necks. If you find that your are plucking hair off a mole too often, if your mole gets to be discolored or if your mole begins to bleed when you pluck the hair out of it, you may need to see a doctor. Plucking the hair off a mole is what most of us do when the hair gets to be a little long. If you feel a little uncomfortable about plucking a hair off a mole, you can trim the hair with a little pair of scissors without harming your skin at all. 

Plucking your Eyebrows
Men and women of all ages can find their eyebrows a little thicker and longer than what they might like them to be. If you are going to start plucking your eyebrows, you need to realize that the more you pluck, the more times you are going to have to do this so you keep the shape and thinness of your eyebrows. If you make a nice little eyebrow by plucking out the hairs that are just too much, you sometimes will run into a sore area. Ice the area, and leave it be. Touching the area that you continue to pluck can make it worse. 

If you find that you have taken out too make hairs from your eyebrows, you can use a small eyebrow pencil to fill in that missing area. When choosing an eyebrow pencil choose a color that is the shade of your eyebrows now. Your eyebrows are often a similar shade to the hair on your head, sometimes a little lighter, so be sure to check in the mirror in the store before purchasing any eyebrow pencil to fill in where you pluck too much. 

Another trick you can use to minimize mistakes you make in plucking your eyebrows, or in addition, when you don�t have the time to pluck your eyebrows, is the use of eye shadow. You can use darker eye shadow along the higher portions of your eyelids to minimize an overload on the eyebrow hair. 

Plucking hairs on your chin 
If you find that you have a few long hairs on your chin and you want to pluck them, you can use a pair of tweezers and pull on each hair to take care of this problem. You will find that this area is not as sensitive as other areas of your body might be. 

When plucking hairs anywhere on your body be sure that you take your time and look closely before pulling out the hair! Rubbing your skin with a cool lotion after plucking is going to make your skin feel great and look great at the same time.

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