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Wills are Important

Life and death are not something that many people like to talk about, but if you have a child, a spouse, or any type of assets that you want to pass on to special people in your life you will need some type of will. A will is a method 

What really is a will? 
A will is going to set who gets your assets in the case of your death. If you have children, a will is going to set out your decision about who should take care of your children. If you are have assets, such as a home, car, assets, or if you have money, your will is going to set out and tell the world who will receive your assets in the case of your death. 

Who needs a will?
Any person who have children, or any amount of assets will need a will in order to direct who is going to take care of these decisions and property later in the future. 

How do you set up a will? 
There are many methods of writing up a will. If you are want you can write your own will using just a piece of paper and your own thoughts. In many areas of the world, having your will notarized is going to be in the best interest ensuring that your ideas, thoughts and your wishes are carried out. If you dont have a will, if you dont have your will notarized, it could be construed that these ideas and wishes where not your own, and they could be contested in court. 

You can find many do it yourself will kits through your lawyers office, though online resources, and in books that you can purchase. The do it yourself will kits will remind you of what types of items and situations you should be addressing in your final wishes and ideas. 

Where should you keep your will after you have written it? 
A safety deposit box in the bank is a good place to keep your will or you can keep it with your lawyer. Another place you can keep your will is in a safe in your home or with a loved one in a sealed container of some type. There are some services that will hold valuables that you can use to hold your will until your death if you like as well. Where every you keep your will, you should make it accessible in some method so you can make changes if needed in the future in case you have more children, additional assets or responsibilities. 

What are some of the considerations that you should remember when making out a will?
You should state who gets or receives your property when you die. If you have a home, a condo, an apartment full of furniture, a collection of stamps, coins or anything of value, or if you have a few banks accounts, businesses, or anything that can be of use to another person. 

What happens when you dont have a will? 
Laws vary from state to state, and from country to country. In some areas, your next of kin may have some right to receive your valuables, but in other areas of the country, your valuables could be left to the government or the state.

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