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Preparing for that School Reunion

School is just about something that every man and woman in the world has in common. We have all gone through some amount of schooling in our lifetime, and at one point or another we have to face that school reunion that so many of us dread. Have we accomplished anything in our lives? Are we proud of where we are in life? Is there going to be someone there that we just don�t want to face or have we gained too much weight in the last few years? These are just a few of the questions that many of us face when a school reunion is upon us. 

Often we will know when a school reunion is going to be approaching. Have you been out of school nearly five years, ten years, and twenty years or possibly you are facing your twenty-five or thirty year reunion? There are many different types of reunions that are held, often it involves some type of sit down meal so that every one gets a chance to �catch up� with so many others that they might have lost touch with. 

First if you are facing a school reunion you need to take a deep breath, and put your worries behind you. No matter what you have in life, or what you don�t have in life, you should be looking forward to meeting and talking with people that you haven�t seen in so long. The point of the reunion is to get back together with old friends so that you can keep up with your friends and lives, not to compare who has been married or the most successful. Learn to love what you have and accept where you are in life to have fun!

When you are preparing for a school reunion, yes you might want to lose five or ten pounds, if you want. Don�t make it just because you think you have to. Do it because you want to and it will mean more to you in the end. 

As the days are approaching before your school reunion, take a look back through your yearbook. Get to know some of those names again if you really want to be able to strike up conversations with some people that you haven�t seen in years. While you may not have seen each other in five or ten years you could be very pleasantly surprised about how much you still have in common. 

In the days and weeks that lead up to when you are going to be heading off to your reunion, think about where you are in your life, what you have experienced and what you enjoy most in life. You will want to express what some of your favorite things are in life, what you have been doing, and what you enjoy doing in your spare time. Some of the friends you have had back in high school will love to hear all about the things that you most likely still have in common!

Give yourself a little pep talk. Think about how much you enjoy life and what you have done in your lifetime. You have possibly raised a few children, you have started a new job, you may have moved to another city and made lots of new friends, been able to be out on your own, graduated from college or gotten married. No matter what else is going on in your life, you should feel good about what you have going for you, there is always some one else who is going to wish they have what special life you have. 

Practice striking up conversations if you find that you have a hard time talking with others. Just say hello when you are walking in the grocery or when you are in the mall. If you have a hard time talking with others, you can get out and start a head of time learning to make conversation and talking with others before you head off to the reunion. 

A class reunion is really no different than heading off for a night out on the town, at the dance hall or at the bar. All you have to do is think about getting out for the night and enjoying yourself, no matter who you are there with. What is going to be really great about the whole situation is that after the night of the reunion you are going to be so happy that you were able to see everyone and hear from your old friends and acquaintances once again. The entire evening is going to go by so fast you will wonder why you were worried about having a good time to begin with.

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