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Having fun for just a few pennies

The economy is not as good as it was just a few years ago. What you and your family enjoyed before sometimes just isn�t in the budget any longer. If you are looking to have a little fun, on just a little bit of money you are going to be in for a big surprise as I have a few ideas that you can put to work in your family. 

Fun is the basis of building memories and a lifetime of treasures in a family. Without a little bit of fun in the daily life of a family the family center is a very difficult thing to hold onto. In this article I want to tell you more about how to add fun to your family life without having to spend tons of money to do it. Frugal fun is some of the best memories that you can build for your family. 

Start with a hobby. Does your family have a hobby? Do you garden, paint, sew, craft, or work on cars, work on houses or have a farm? There are all types of hobbies that you can involve the entire family it will be a center of where the family will center their time together. Get together with the kids to fill the bird feeders, to plant the garden, to cut flowers, or plant flowers, or even to take a walk in the woods and see the animals. Cheap, free and the children will love it, while you enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Taking long walks while the children ride their bikes is another form of entertainment that will involve the whole family. If you want to get the family together, take a walk around a few block, go for an hour at a time. See the neighborhood, talk to others who are out and about, and have a good time doing it. Don�t worry about what time you have to be back at home, just have fun doing it. 

Instead of heading out the movie theatre where it can cost a family of four almost a hundred dollars, rent two movies and grab a bag of popcorn. Sitting in the living room, enjoying a few family movies on a Saturday night is a great time that the whole family is going to enjoy. 

You know that play station or game box that your children have? Get to know what games they are playing. Sit down and play their games with them for an hour or two a week. Fun and excitement is building memories, and this hobby that your children have can be something that you can share as well. 

If you are heading out to a ball game or a swim meet, or to the track, take along home made drink bottles, and sandwiches or snacks so you spend less while you are out. You don�t have to spend too much money whehn you are out at a game, the tickets cost enough, and to add the expense of food is something that you just don�t really have to do. Spend the money on the tickets, take your own foods, and have a great time with the family.

A family trip out to the fishing pond is something that every one of all ages can enjoy. Most often if your family already enjoys fishing you have most of the gear needed to head out on the water. What you may need to pick up is the bait and that is just a few dollars at the most. A road trip to a different pond or a different stream once a month is something the whole family can look forward to. 

Want to get out of the house without having to spend hardly any money? Pack a few lunches, and a few drinks, and head down to the local state park. You can picnic all day, ride bikes all day long, or you can get in the water and swim until you are too tired to swim any more. The children will love being out doors and it doesn�t cost much at all to have a great day out in the sun together as a family!

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