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Drink Milk for a sore throat

Submitted by Morgan

Drink cold milk for a sore throat.It will cool your throat.

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Milk Hinders Comments By: Anon on 2004-12-26
Drinking milk while you have a sore throat can be more of a hinder than help. If you have a lot of drainage in your throat, milk can stick to that producing more phlem.
Milk makes it worse! Comments By: camie on 2005-04-02
Milk can cause a sore throat, or make it worse. Many people are actually allergic to milk, and it will increase phlem even if you aren't allergic.
Goodness outweighs badness Comments By: Jeff on 2007-04-23
If it doesn't effect your phlem, then milk is awsome. It takes away the pain momentarily =) I hear chocolate milk works better because it's thicker. My throat is horrible right now and im drinking milk as i type... it's workin goooood.
alright Comments By: chris on 2007-05-23
i think its worked alright my throat is still hurting but not as bad. i don't think ive got much milk left tho!
Drinking Milk to Smooth Sore Throat Comments By: Julian on 2008-01-19
Drinking milk that is cold is good for smoothing the throat, I tried it, it would be better to use a straw to slow down the drinking process, drinking from a glass will cause you to swallow in large amounts too fast, with a straw you will sip thus extending smoothing, and one glass of milk would last much longer with a straw.

Please note if you have running nose, mucus build up or sinus problems, milk can increase mucus build up. So I recomemd an alternative like raw Lemon juice, it will cut the irritation in half, plus excellent soure of vitamin "C", ask Christopher Columbus on hi crest to the Caribbean, it saved his crew from sarvy deasease.

cayenne Comments By: Sean on 2008-04-07
mix cayenne pepper and water (temp is your pick-i use cold water). Gargle a nice size glass for as long as you can stand it. i have heard that 1/8 teaspoon is ok but i just plopped that stuff in your call. don't let it get into your throat or you will not be in a good mood. gargle easy to get it around your throat but not down your throat. i tried it for the first time (five min before this post) and my sore thraot was immediatley less painful after. be carful the wawter is spicey :)
Marvellous milk Comments By: Jonno on 2008-05-22
I always drink milk with a sore throat. It's the best!!
Sore throat Comments By: chris on 2008-05-23
I have a sor throat right now and it hurts really bad i need some help wut should i do
Doesn't work for me Comments By: Becky on 2008-06-28
I have a killer sore throat, but the problem is that whenever I get a cold, all dairy products just taste off to me, and make my throat feel worse :S
momentarily.. Comments By: olivia on 2008-07-15
it worked momentarily, but not for long. im gonna go try gargling now.
Milk Comments By: Sam on 2008-09-07
It worked whilst I was drinking it and then my throat hurt again, I have a cough too, So the milk makes me cough!
It helps sorta Comments By: George on 2008-11-20
It helped while I was drinking, but then it made me cough and it seems to be coming back, it helped though
it won't work for me Comments By: anon on 2008-12-07
drinking milk if i have a sore throat does;nt work for me i have quite a bad sore throat and a cough now and i just drink a glass of milk. it does'nt work has my throat stills feels sore in fact drinking milk has made my sore throat even worse.
idiot! Comments By: liks on 2008-12-18
Milk collects the bacteria making the throat worse, not better.... this is really dumb DO NOT DRINK MILK WITH A SORE THROAT ALL GP'S WILL TELL YOU THIS!!!
Moron Comments By: Lewis on 2009-01-27
Milk can often be the cause of sore throats. DONT TRY THIS REMEDY!!!!!
Burn BABY BURN Comments By: Scott on 2009-02-14
It BURNED sooo much it was like drinking water but heavyer and longer to drink! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
u ppl r STUPID! Comments By: Lexi on 2009-03-28
milk is thick so itll make u cough and make ur throat dryer and itll make u feel worse
2 get rid of a sore throat mix lemon or oj with honey the lemon or orange will cure ur throat and the honey will sooth it

Chocolate Milk Comments By: Andrea on 2009-04-20
I drank chocolate milk and it made my throat feel a little better, but i was mostly pleased that it made the dryness and scratchy feeling go away. I can breathe through my nose without burning now.
milk helps only SOMETIMES Comments By: Aislinn on 2009-06-03
Depending on if you have just a plain ol' sore throat or strep, it can help.
If you have strep throat do NOT drink milk. Milk helps to coat your throat, covering up for any pain. But when you have strep you already have a filmy base covering inside your throat- hense why it feels so itchy or dry most the time. When you add to an already coated throat, you make what little space you have covered by the milk. Which can lead to breathing problems while you still have strep.

A plain sore throat that can come with a cold or allergies it's fine to drink milk. Like i said before, it helps to coat the pain, making it easier to deal with for the short while you have it. I drink milk right before i go to sleep when i have a sore throat as it's easier to sleep & breathe at night then for me. & also when i first wake up so I can get some type of food in my system to keep going through the day =)

MOOOOOOOOOOO Comments By: Homer Simpson on 2009-09-23
Worked great for me but i have no mucus buildup issues. Thanks. going back to sleep!!!
careful Comments By: anon on 2009-09-29
milk works sometimes as sore throat is caused by a variety of cases and if bacterial in origin then i think it could actually make it worse as the bacteria take the nutrients from milk
It depends on why it is sore Comments By: Matt on 2009-10-23
If your sore throat is related to sinus problems, drinking milk will only make your phlegm worse. If it's caused by strep throat, milk will make it harder to breathe... but if it is caused by something else (talking too much, dry air, etc) then milk will help coat your throat and relieve the pain.
failure Comments By: Bob The Builder on 2009-12-27
the pain was bad before. but now im confined to bed and am due in for an operation tomorrow-spoiling my whole Christmas.
drink herbal tea! Comments By: Micheal Harder on 2010-04-06
drink herbal tea like lavender or chamomile tea because it has a soothing effect and get plenty of sleep(8 hours) keep drinking lemon water and hot drinks like hot milk(not caffeine)!
Milk makes bacteria grow Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-30
whatever bacteria is making your throat hurt in the first place gives that bacteria an even more comfortable home to grow.
Thank you God! Comments By: Bubblz on 2010-07-16
Milk is working awesome and it helps that is all I want rite now because it feel good
Hummmm..... Comments By: Lele on 2010-08-26
I've had a sorta sore throat and milk with cereal in the morning is good for me. i mean it helps a little.i dont know any other things to help. i herd of Gingerail but who knows?please answa back :)
ahhhhh Comments By: Law on 2010-09-27
milk is making it hurt
eh....=/ Comments By: Kelly Zhu on 2010-10-18
tried this and it felt relaly good while drinking it but after ur done with the glass of milk, nothing changes
Give it a shot! Comments By: Candygirl on 2010-11-01
It worked! After reading these comments, all I can say is, if it hurts that bad it couldn't get any worse. I thought it worked well, but only for an amount of time.
hi and thx Comments By: hi on 2010-11-16
i hvent tried to drink milk yet but im going to right now
Hot Milk is the Key Comments By: Mickeymom on 2010-12-07
You must heat the milk to as hot as you can stand it and add a good amount of honey. It works everytime for me to calm a hacking cough and sore throat.
hot chocolate Comments By: dick goesinya on 2010-12-09
i have this thing that when i swallow it hurts but my mouth is dry its like my throat is dry and the hot chocolate did wounder for me for most of the day
stupid stupid stupid Comments By: Ms. Smartypants on 2010-12-25
OK ... yeah if you drink milk it may FEEL better for a little while if you've coughed your throat raw when the milk coats it... BUT that milk coating it will act as a breeding ground for the bacteria and virus germs that are CAUSING the sore throat you have..
Don't! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-17
Although mil is great for soothing a sore throat, diary products such as milk will actually aggravate the bacteria causing the sore throat and therefore can make it a lot worse.
Please Help Me ! Comments By: SickLady on 2011-03-30
I'm not sure if I have a strep throat or just a sore throat (feels like a strep). It hurts like crazy and I can't sleep at night. If this milk thing "feels good" than should I drink some? But then again others say it makes things worse and worse is the last thing I need. Please tell me what I should do my throat is killing me and I have a whole jug of milk in the fridge I'm tempted to have some but I want to make sure I'm making the right choice.
? :O Comments By: karlee on 2011-04-12
i'm 13 years old & i have been drinking milk, while having strep, for about 4 days now. FML. no one told me that milk makes it worse! it would've been gone by now! ): ugh. i hate my life. i've been drinking oj & honey, & it tastes disgusting, but i guess it's helping. i'm also eating chicken noodle soup & literally crying as it goes down. someone help me.
It Depends Comments By: wingedkitten on 2011-05-10
I have a really dry sore throat and thought the milk coating would work but it didn't. It was so excruciating, I ended up crying. I was eating something chocolate, so now not only does my throat hurt worse, but I can't have any more of that delicious chocolate! =( It might work for other people.
uhm hi this is stupid Comments By: luci who isn't an MD on 2011-05-31
First of all, the comments about milk making it worse, right on. Imagine milk left out all day. Nasty right? Well when it sticks to your phlegm that's pretty much how long it stays in your throat no matter what else you eat or drink.
If you open your mouth and a string of saliva connects your uvula to your tongue, that's mucus, aka phlegm.
if your throat hurts and you want immediate relief, try bunny mixed with whatever you like. Tea, orange juice, lemon juice. Heck put the lemon juice in with the tea and honey. How do you think that mix got so popular?
If you're looking to cure it, do the same thing. Tea, lemon, honey.
gargling with salt water can do amazing things, but it tastes horrible.
Chicken noodle soup is recommended for it's high sodium content, it will make you feel better.
If it hurts to eat it just don't eat the chicken or noodles. The broth is high in protein and has a wide range on nutrients in it that will keep you going until you can swallow breads and pastas.
Try not to eat anything dairy. No yogurt, no cheese. These things make it as bad as milk.
Though they do sloth it immensely, honey will do the same thing if you add it generously to your tea.
sure it's super sweet but it's one of few things that doesn't taste off when you're sick.
And though herbal teas are best, you can do earl grey or regular green tea. Just no spiced teas like chai. The spices will chemically burn your throat much like drinking straight lemon juice.
Vitamin c is good but the chewy tablets are harsher on your throat than straight oj.
If you think you have strep (swollen throat/ tonsils, pus on tonsils, fever, head ache, fine red sandpaper rash 48+ hours after symptoms appear) see a doctor. If you think it might be mono which has the same symptoms, see a doctor. If it persists 4 days or more, see a doctor.
for strep you get antibiotics. Mono gets you pain meds, and whatever else it might be gets you relief sooner rather than later.
If they can't diagnose you, they will probably just give you steroids and antibiotics. Any pain med with acetominophin and acetic acid (asprin) tends to help me no matter what I have. Swallow those two little pills and make an appointment. Don't drink milk.


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