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Just compare yourself to REALLY ugly girls for your Self-Esteem

Submitted by marge

It's easy! Just compare yourself to REALLY ugly girls, it works! Just dont let them know you think they're ugly, or else theyll have the same problem as you.

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a beautiful thing... Comments By: anodyl11 on 2005-07-15
...did you ever notice those ugly girls -- I mean DOGS -- who think they're so great that you don't even notice their ugliness? I have known DOGS who are married to gorgeous rich men who dote on them because their wives are completely oblivious to the effect they have on our eyes. Confidence is a beautiful thing...
Okay... Comments By: Nancy on 2007-02-25
That's just mean.
That is a bad idea! Comments By: Mike on 2007-09-27
kk, that'll lower the girls self esteem if they find out what you say, therefore a really bad way of doing it!
wow Comments By: Rhiannon on 2009-05-30
thats a total unheathy thing to do, having such a negitive view other others is only going to lower your self comfidence you may get a boost at the monent of thought but then for the rest of the time you wonder if other girls you think are pretty are using that same on you
How true attractivness works! Comments By: redrose on 2009-06-02
From MSN-

Being attractive doesn�t necessarily correlate with how good looking you are. There are a lot of unattractive people who could be considered good looking. Attractiveness comes from confidence, being funny, living life to the full, being radiant and talking passionately about things. There are many different opportunities for you to develop your attractiveness levels

Inside and Out Comments By: DB on 2010-01-11
Beauty is inside and out....not just out. And thinking that you are better-looking than others is immoral, superficial and gives you a sense of false pride. If everyone looked the same, then how would you compare yourself?

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