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Another way to get rid of zits

Submitted by Jade

Hey, I have a tip for everyone who has pimples that they desparately want to get rid of, just apply a little bit of Listerine mouth wash on the pimple and leave it on over night. After about 2 days of repeating this procedure, the pimple will most likely be gone. Lemon juice will even work.

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works for me Comments By: anon on 2006-11-07
I have been doing this for years. I put the listerine on a cotton ball and press it to the pimple for a minute or two twice a day and it shriks significantly in less than 24 hours
looking 4 help Comments By: jh on 2008-08-01
When i started to get these horrible things on me I wanted to pop them then I knew it would lead to scares so been looking for a way and I will try this hoping that it will really help.

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