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Nail fungus. Lysol for nail fungus

Submitted by Cosmetologist

1 tsp lysol to 1 qt warm water.

Soak toes or fingernails for 15 minutes 3 times a day. You'll see a hugh difference in a week or two.

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I'm using Hexol Comments By: anon. on 2007-11-27
I'm probably lacing the hot water soak with about the same percentage of Hexol as is suggested for Lysol, but I'm using water as hot as I can stand it and also keeping my nails filed thinner if not actually thin. It's clearly working better than any commercial treatment I've tried. But I have a question. Is there any health risk in this treatment?
about hexol Comments By: anon on 2007-11-28
I'm still asking a question. Am I risking any serious liver or stomach or brain damage by attacking my toenails with Hexol?

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