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Home Made Body and Hand Lotions

Hand lotions and body lotions are more than beauty products are more than just a way to make your look better, products such as these are also used to make your body feel better, which gives your mind and spirit an overall lift as well. Hand and body lotions are used to make your skin softer, and to make you feel younger at the same time. 

Homemade lotions and cosmetics are a way to save money in getting what you want to use daily in your life, but another important aspect is that you know exactly what is being put into the lotions and cosmetics that you use on your body, preventing the use of possible problem additives and preservatives you don�t like to have and use on your own body. 

Homemade lotions and cosmetics also give you the option to know what you are using on your child, or on the person who is highly allergic to certain additives and preservatives that are often used in lotions and cosmetics on the market today. 

What you might be surprised to find out is that across the TipKing.com site is that we have various products that you can make, enjoy, and find a huge savings on. While you might only see a few articles here in this section there are a huge number of other tips and ideas on the site that will help you in your quest to make home made products for your home. 

Right now let�s take a look at hand creams. Hand creams are a little different than what you use on your face and the rest of your body, your hands are always taking a beating, in the sun, in the water, and in the heat of all that you do. Hand lotions are meant to put the moisture back into skin, preventing wrinkles and discolorations. 

To make hand lotion you will start with a lotion made with a glycerin base. To do this you want to use two ounces of soap, melted flakes works nicely if you have no other soft soap product that you know what the ingredients are you will also need six ounces of glycerin, and twenty ounces of rubbing alcohol and a bit of distilled water. Rubbing alcohol in making hand lotion should be at least a 70% mixture for the best possible results when using your hand lotion. 

What you are going to start with is mixing fifteen ounces of distilled water with the rubbing alcohol. What you are going to do next is mix in the soft soap or the soap flakes, until the soap is dissolved in the water completely. Adding the glycerin you will stir the mixture as it becomes a little thicker. 

Your hand lotion can be of any scent that you like. You can add a few oil drops of your favorite scent and your lotion will bring on a whole new feeling for you. If you would like, you can collect small bottles and make lotions of several different scents that you can give as gifts. 

There are other types of things that you can add to your hand lotions, such as a mixture of oils, or you can add honey. Honey makes your lotions thicker and it also add additional healing properties that are all natural for body in the lotion. 

Almonds are another ingredient that you can add to your home made lotions. Almonds that are chopped and finely pureed will add a scent to your lotion that you will love, as well as adding additional healing ingredients for your skin and body. In some retail outlets you will find almond extracts, almond oils and almond creams that you can easily add to your lotion while realizing the natural ingredients of the almond in your lotion. 

If you would like to add honey to your homemade hand lotion, what you are going to do is heat the honey until near boiling, let it cool, and then add to your lotion mixture. Honey in the natural state can contain some amount of wax that you will want to be melted into the honey for the best skin protection. 

Additional materials that you can add to your hand lotions include mineral oil and olive oil in small amounts. You only need a few drops of either of these components to create the hand lotion that will make your roughest hands soft and supple without upping the price of making your own homemade hand lotion.

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positive feedback Comments By: mary andre on 2004-12-15
I enjoyed the discussion of ingredients and how to use them. So many other sites give just a recipie. Thanks, Mary
how to thicken the lotions Comments By: Michelle on 2005-05-04
I have followed this recipe exactly. However am not able to get the lotion to thicken. Can someone please let me know how to do this without using honey?


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