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Tips for Wedding Day Beauty

Weddings are a special day, for the groom and the bride. This is the day you are going to become one in the bonds of life, starting a new journey together as one couple. In order to make this special journey one that you can truly remember as being special, you will want to look and feel your very best. 

In this article, I want to tell you all about how to prepare for your special wedding day with a little pampering and ongoing useful idea that will take you beyond what you thought your special day was going to be. 

An important thing about your wedding day that you will want to keep in mind is that you want to accent your natural beauty, not change your looks dramatically. If you look back five years from now, will you recognize the person in the photo or will you wonder how you ever got that look just that way? Natural beauty is a basis for your wedding day, now you can start to build from that point so you can look back five years from now and say wow, I was great looking that day � maybe I will do that this weekend!

Your dress is going to be easy. Your dress is going to make your shape look great, and your dress is going to make you feel sexy. Whatever style you choose, that you are comfortable with and that you feel wonderful in is that perfect dress that you should wear for your special day. Don�t try to squeeze into a dress that will be three sizes too small, or one that is too low cut, or something that is just not �you�, look for the wedding dress that makes you feel soft, special, sexy and more all wrapped up into one. 

A woman can change her looks somewhat with a dress, but the accessories and the makeup that you wear on your special day are also going to be a boost for your ego and your beauty when you follow a few simple ideas. These ideas are based on comfort, style, your choice, and what works best for your budget. 

Comfort should be one of your top �things� when considering any type of accessory or hair do when you are going to be getting married. You will be on your feet all day, around lots of people, and having the time of your life, if you are worried about your hairspray holding out, your earrings catching your dress, or something falling out, you are not going to have as much fun as you should compared to if you were comfortable!

Style is of course on everyone�s list when it comes to what you will wear, how you will wear it, and how you will look on your wedding day, but you can make choices that make your own style shine through during your wedding. Choose something that fits you, not what your brides maids pick for you, not what your mother picks for you, you know your own style and that should play a major part of what you wear and how you wear it for your wedding celebration. 

Your choices are going to be vast and numerous. No matter where you turn you will find different earrings, necklaces, colors for hair ties, rings, bracelets and hair pieces and such. Make choices that fit your over all theme and style. Don�t try to get the most expensive, sometimes even the most expensive won�t match your dress, your eyes, or your colors of life. Pick the accessories and colors of makeup that make you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror. Compare prices, looks, styles, and how these things fit into your ideas of life when you are choosing them for your wedding day, these are items that you will remember for a lifetime. 

While a budget is always important for everyone getting married, it doesn�t have to be a limitation on your choices, and it doesn�t mean that you can�t get what you want for your wedding day. For example, if you see that perfect necklace that you feel will fit your dress, your style, and what you want to look life when you get married, but it is way out of your price range � then look around online, and in local retail stores to find something cheaper but looks exactly like it! You will find that some women after they get married will sell their items in consignment shops, in auctions and such where you will find the deal of a lifetime!

Be sure in the days before your wedding that you take the time to get the extra rest that you need for a clear complexion. If you find a little problem coming out on your skin, don�t squeeze or pop it, try to ice it, and rub it with rubbing alcohol a few times to get it to dry up a little faster. Cure those black bags under your eyes with cool cucumbers for a few minutes for a refreshing look for your special moments.

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