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Telephone Bill Ė Savings Tips

Each of us wants to save money one way or another in the bills that we pay in our households. One method of saving money in your household budget is to cut back on the phone and internet bills that are paid each month. Each month we can spend a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars on these two household bills alone, but you donít have to spend this much if you are careful and cut back where you really donít need a few services.¬†

For example, your internet services: if you are not using more than twenty or thirty hours of internet services a month, consider switching to a free service where you have to continually review ads to use the service. Free internet service is often available if you read ads that are put in your email or on your computer. This can save you ten, twenty or even thirty dollars a month. If you are using more than fifty hours of internet services a month, you may want to consider an upgraded service so you can use the internet more freely. 

Internet services that you use more than a hundred hours a month, you might want to consider is unlimited services. Some internet providers will give you xx hours for xx dollars per month, but if you go over these hours you pay a much higher fee per hour. Watch your hours, and your fees so you can cut back or raise your services to what fits your usage amounts best. Sometimes saving money means raising your contract services to get what you really need. 

To cut back on your phone bills and how much you pay out a month, you need to review if you really need a home phone, or a cell phone. While you may have a cell phone, and you are only home three hours a night, you may not truly need a home land line. If you donít dial up in to your local phone company to access the internet, this could be another reason why you donít need a home phone.¬†

Many cell phone companies offer great long distance, local or phone to phone calling, which means you can make calls cheaper or even free on your cell compared to your land line. At the same time while you are comparing these items about phones and phone bills, you should take a look at if you really need a cellular phone. 

A cellular phone is not really needed if you spend a lot of time between work and home where you have access to regular land lines. If you spend less than two hour out of work or home, you may not need a cellular phone, and can cut out that expense from your household budget. 

Long distance calls are a major reason why your phone bill may be so high. If you make a large number of out of the area or out of the state calls, you should consider finding a phone plan that is based on unlimited calling or at least at the very lowest cents per minute calling. 

If you rarely call long distance, you can also find a savings in not having long distance on your land line at all. In most areas, in most countries, there are taxes and fees that you pay even if you donít use the services of long distance carrier. If you have a cellular phone, cutting off the long distance services on your land line gives you the opportunity to call long distance without the associated fees being paid twice.¬†

If you are always on the phone, no matter where you go and what you are doing, you might want to get a cellular phone and cut out the land line altogether. A cellular phone makes your business transactions easier, and it makes it easier for your family to get in touch with you without the added bill of having both a land line and a cellular phone. 

If you have a internet plan, a cellular plan, or a land line plan you do need to watch your minutes, watch your minutes and your hours. If you are to go over how many calls you can make, if you go over your free minutes, or if you go over your allotted hours, you are going pay more than the service was truly worth in the first place. Make your calls on an as needed basis only. Get online on an only needed basis. Make the most of your services and what you pay by watching what you do and when you do it in making calls to make the most of your budget. 

Every six or seven months you should be reviewing your cellular usage, your land line usage, how much you are paying per minute, and how much you are paying per month for your internet usage. Keep up on what others are paying for and receiving in your same area to find out what new plans are being offered so you can take advantage of the best plans. 

Call your providers and ask about new sales, new plans, and lower rates when at all possible. Negotiate better plans and prices so you remain their customers! Donít be afraid to cancel the services you donít use. If you find that you really need them later, you can always request these services again later while taking advantage of a savings in your budget now.

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