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Beauty Tips and Ideas for Every Special Day!

What you do every day is going to affect your looks and how you feel not only today but in the days ahead. In this article, I am going to give you a few tips and ideas about how to make you feel better about yourself, and to make your body feel great at the same time!

Start off your day with a hot bath or shower. Opening your pores, awakening your skin is going to make your mind feel more awake. Feeling a bit more awake during the morning helps you get motivated and to get more done daily. Without even just a quick shower in the morning, many people find it hard to get motivated and energized in the morning.

Take one hour a week and go through your home to pitch what you don�t need or use. Just throwing out, or recycling products that you don�t need like the old magazines and newspapers, detergent bottles and such is going to help your home seem cleaner, giving you a better frame of mind about your home. The better you feel about your home, your mind is going to be clearer about other things you want to tackle, do or even just when you want to sit back and relax without feeling as if you have something else you have to do. 

Make yourself feel better about riding in your car, by taking just a few minutes a week and cleaning the junk out of your car. How does this interact with beauty tips? When you don�t have to worry about getting your nicer clothes stained or dirty from sitting in your own car, you are more likely to dress up and enjoy yourself, bringing about a better mood and over all appearance!

For all the things that you like the most when traveling, when you are on your way to work, and for when you are traveling on business, put your favorite moisturizers, cosmetics and extra goodies in a baggy in your trunk so no matter where you go you have your favorite things without thinking that you forgot anything. Having you favorite toothpaste, hairspray, gel, pantyhose, or even a fresh pair of socks is going to make you feel better about yourself no matter where you go when you need them most and you didn�t get them from home. 

To keep your teeth looking great and white, invest a few dollars a year in whitening products. There are many types of gum, paints and strips that you can use to whiten your teeth even if you are not a smoker. Whiter teeth make you feel better about your smile, and feeling better about your smile will lead you to smiling more often with great confidence. 

Getting enough sleep is going to make you feel better and look better all the time. Adults need at least seven hours rest a night to feel good about their selves and to allow their body to rest. Resting gives your mind a break so you are more likely to be in a better mood all around. 

Drinking more water daily does cleanse your system. Cleansing your system takes toxins from your body replacing them with water. Your body is composed of water, so it only makes sense that putting more water in your body is going to do your body some good. Drinking more water has been known to clear the skin so you look healthier and feel healthier as well. 

Some amount of exercise is going to make your body feel better, and the better your body feels, the more confident you will be all around. Confidence and beauty are two things that walk hand in hand for a happier life style. If you don�t have the confidence about your body you won�t feel as good as possible. 

If you want to feel better about your skin and have a better over all skin appearance, use lotions and moisturizers that don�t have oil in them. Oily skin can make your over all appearance look bad. If you have oily skin, wash your face with water a few times a day, at least three times, and you will look better and feel better because your skin is not as oily. 

Heat can be rough on you skin. If you are always out in the sun, or in the heat, protect your skin by using lotions and moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Red, glaring or burnt skin is never attractive, and besides, too much heat and sun will eventually cause more wrinkles for your future. 

While you are young, or at least as soon as possible, start moisturizing your neck as well as your facial skin. Preventing wrinkles while you are young is much easier than after they start to appear. A good moisturizer is going to contain some amount of natural elastrogen to put the moisture back into your skin and prevent wrinkles from starting. 

If you find you have a few black heads or white heads, don�t squeeze them as this can lead to additional redness and problems with your skin. Look for a good cleanser that will peel them off or that will prevent them in the future. 

While you are looking at the skin on your face and you see that your eyes are looking a little puffy, be sure to cut two pieces of cucumbers and put them on your eyes for about ten minutes. The cool cucumbers are going to cool your skin and make the puffiness go away. 

To keep your skin looking and feeling great, be sure to remove all of your makeup before going to bed. Leaving your makeup on all night long can cause additional skin problems. Cleaner and clearer skin makes you feel and look better now and in the future. 

One last little beauty tip to really make you feel and look prettier � quit using regular body soap on your face. Regular body soap will dry out your skin and can cause wrinkles if you continue to use it. Use either no soap or a soap that is meant to clean your face for the best possible facial moisturizing.

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