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Dentures. Tips for cleaning dentures

Submitted by Larry

You can soak you're dentures in regular household bleach. It destroys bacteria, and the build up on the dentures. Soak for about 3-5 minutes, and brush with a toothbrush. Make sure they have been rinsed good before you use them. Been doing this for years, doesn't hurt them. Tip from my dentist.

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dentures bleach cleaning Comments By: William on 2005-02-13
This worked great. I asked my dentist, and he said that 2 or 3 minutes is ok and won't hurt the plastic material dentures are made of. Makes the dentures feel very clean, and I know it killed the bacteria also. I tried lemon bleach , also works great.
Worked for me! Comments By: Keith Stough on 2007-03-20
And it cleaned the coffee stains out of the cup I soaked them in! Not too bad, two for the price of one! Beats washing the cup, huh?

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